What will be the currency of choice for System D?

The untaxed, unlicensed and unregulated economies of the world are collectively known as System D, which stands for the French nouns débrouille, débrouillardise or démerde (French slang). The verbs se débrouiller and se démerder mean to make do, to manage, especially in an adverse situation. If System D were given a GDP, it would be the second largest in the world, at around 10 trillion USD. It is estimated that by the year 2020 2/3 of all workers, globally, will be a part of System D. To flourish, it needs a frictionless monetary system. SafeCoin is the obvious choice (at least to those paying attention to the SafeNetwork). What would the market cap of SafeCoin be if 10% of System D’s value was traded in SafeCoin? One trillion divided by 4.3 billion would make each SafeCoin worth $232 each. And since each SafeCoin is divisible by yet another 2^32 (4.3 billion parts), it makes it perfect for nano transactions in a world of IOT. For those who doubt this could happen consider that an infinitely inferior protocol has already reached 6 billion USD of value, and it suffers from extreme transparency and data bloat, neither of which are conducive to System D.


Definitely an interesting take on the value of safecoin ; let’s see how ’ System D ’ handles the continuously increasing threat to individual and family well-being , growth and fortune … SAFE & safecoin are a great combination for communicating & transacting , our community is also growing stronger by the day and we just haven’t really started yet on the tremendous scale this is going to buzz : The Ants are coming :ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant::ant:


Do you have some stats on this? This is the first I’m hearing about it and I’m finding it quite fascinating. Also I know just enough French to read “demerde”, am I reading that right? Is that “the shit”? That has to be a translation error.

What’s the first largest economy in the world and what do you think will happen to it when SAFE comes out?


He is using 2012 stats. There was forbes article but since now it has malware for those who uses scriptblock / adblock, I’ll give a different website.



Much of the information I learned from Robert Neuwirth’s book 'Stealth of Nations’


Nice, hadn’t come across that term.

Say what? That’s an obvious reason the trend is to eliminate cash and establish the ability to tax the flow.[quote=“optictopic, post:1, topic:7976”]
To flourish, it needs a frictionless monetary system.

Of course the SAFE Network is the perfect place for existing capital to be put to useful work and the very reason the price of MAID should be sky rocketing into launch… a portion of these MAID coins are in weak hands right now (on exchanges) and probably the best chance ever, to gain a position in the network.

Once the network is firing on all cylinders, what will be the state of the world outside. Will holders of SAFEcoin see value in exchanging tokens for fiat currencies at that point. I’ve got the feeling that a lot of fiat (electronic or cash) is going to get stranded and see it’s inherent value diminish.

This situation is very similar to how Prof. Antal Fekete of http://newaustrian.org/ describes the action in Gold as the fiat world collapses i.e unlimited bids for Gold, but no offers.

Good video series from the Prof:


How much of this GDP of system D resides on Bitcoin and/or TOR? If you were to give an estimate or have info. I find this very fascinating.

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I too would find that info fascinating. If anybody out there has any clue I would love to hear it.

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