What will a SAFE 'Heat' Map look during it's first 5 years


Bitcoin is around 5 years old, it’s interesting to look at a map of it’s current ‘farming’ nodes…very western centric.

The SAFE ‘farming’ map should look very different over it’s first 5 years and it would be exciting to have a map tracking it’s growth…is that even possible?

If the developing world was to get traction, it would really demonstrate how SAFE is a different species to Bitcoin.

There is a real rush to reach the great un-banked of the world currently and of course it’s all about profit for these firms. I hope the Devs can get their USB stick device up and maybe get some of that ‘Development’ fund money form the UN to distribute them.

Were gonna need another Tee shirt graphic with the wee plane, dropping usb sticks to the masses :slight_smile:


Very good catch, this would be a failure in my eyes. Add in some regulation and we complete a circle back to the usual nonsense. We need to be much further sighted than this for sure. Its an embarrassment for sure. I support bitcoin, but detest this and see it as a complete fail. We will do better for sure. The wee usb stick will help us and @happybeing doing the solar proof we will make this map different. This surely must be a minimum target for us. This is why the safecoin speculators worry me, this is bigger than them and if they go for this, they will be richer by several factors.

Its gonna be a wild ride, I cannot wait.


What could be done (that Bitcoin isn’t doing currently or isn’t capable of doing) that would spread the resources more evenly? Any thoughts on how you create a boom to distribute this? Honestly, a USB drive campaign isn’t bad. Things of that nature.

Also wanted to add these things to the map. It’s important (and interesting) to see this in the context of population and education census as well.


Was that meant to be ‘Bitcoin speculators’ ? If not, could you please elaborate on what safecoin speculation might look like…thanks

edit** Maybe your talking about trading safecoin outside of SAFE, Can this be prevented? This guy describes his algorithmic trading platform for cyrptos and how his friend is actively involved in pumping alt-coins for arbitrage.


It’s in early stage joint development apparently.

I’d love to have a Live Baremetal SAFEOS on a tiny stick…that would be liberating.


yes sorry (slip up), I meant crypto in general really, it looks very messy in public forums with all kinds of accusations, fear and plain lies. To me all that is altering the landscape in a manner that is not beneficial to anyone in the long run.

There seems to be a larger population that do not know what they are supporting or killing and just inflating or deflating these currencies for short term gain. We are not bad now in terms of maidsafecoin, but I fear some other projects will suffer in ways they should not, because of the speculation without concern for the asset approach of many.

So poor wording, speculation is good, blind trading etc. is where I think the issues lie. Stock markets when they work are great to balance supply/demand etc. but over time we have lost that and focussed on pure profit at any cost in a short time. So if there is a balance then it would be great.


This should be super easy actually. If we can get cheap sticks then we can easily create a tailored linux that is SAFE :smile:


Ian Seyler indicated that BareMetal-OS would be suitable for a vault on a machine…not sure about on a usb stick ‘The OS is written entirely in Assembly while applications can be written in Assembly or C/C++


I agree speculators can be an issue, but this is just a feature of an immature market I think. Whilst a coin price can be manipulated, then it will be, but as the market matures, more stability will come. Bitcoin price has been relatively stable at around $600 for weeks now and we’re not getting the wild swings so much.
Msafe has been played with by the whales recently - I noticed one guy had at least 2 million msafe and he was moving the market at will. He initially pumped price from around .000035 ish to .000063 ish, then dumped approx 4 times, making a handsome btc profit. This kind of thing won’t change till launch probably- price is approx where it should be given current progress I think and will steadily rise by test net 2 I reckon.
As to general slagging off of other alt coins, part of this is trolling by speculators trying to move markets - this can have unwarranted or unfair consequences; it is what it is though, in a way it is nature in action too, albeit a parasitic one.
On the other hand, some alt currencies have only themselves to blame for many varied reasons. These could be things like lack of transparency, poor communication, broken promises, missed deadlines and buggy applications, lack pf expected utility etc. Other things like giving the impression that investors funds have been squandered on dead end side projects, lavish expenses etc can cause coins to fail too. In such circumstances aggrieved parties will voice their opinions, this is just free speech based on the impressions left by the coin teams. I think this type of thing is not completely negative , as it serves as warnings to others of the pitfalls and dangers. We learn something from it and have increased our knowledge.
It also works the other way too - all the positive aspects of a team’s performance, integrity, honesty, skill etc build up a reputation that is recognised by the community. This improves the chances of the coin’s survival - survival of the fittest in action. You’re not bemoaning natural selection are you David…lol. Surely you’re joking Mr Irvine


I am a bit, also interested to see this side of the natural selection of our species when we see money as the ultimate resource whilst water shortages are widespread and innovation stopped. I agree its natural, but also very interesting and as you say immature markets seem to show the worst of this. I hope as we grow there is a vision further than short term gains, but I agree you need to work with what you have and make the best of it.

Just trying to work out “the meaning of it all” :smiley:


lol…yes same ere. By the way don’t get me started on the water thing. I was watching a doc the other day, sitting dumbfounded as I listened to the Nestle Ceo. He was ridiculing the misguided notion that water availability is a basic human right and arguing that instead it was a “food-stuff” and was therefore also a commodity to be traded. Mad. Scary mad.


I definitely need to look further into this one as soon as I get time. Sounds like it could be a very cool addition to this whole project.


hopefully a bit like this…


Will portraying a real “heat map” be possible with the SAFE network’s infrastructure?