What was up yesterday?

Guess who they got the idea from…

See Winston Churchill and the Boer War…

Whattaboutery at its most pathetic by the way - nobody denies the gulags were evil but they had very little to do with ethnic cleansing or cultural genocide. must try harder @tobbetj

As for the Armenians, i have every sympathy for them. Although I have lived and worked in Turkey and found some of the finest people I have ever met there, I am no apologist for the crimes -committed on BOTH sides BTW- after the very successful and welcome de-colonisation of Turkey under Kemel Attaturk. Read your history, basically Germany, France and Italy tried the same shite the Brits tried with the Chinese. As the greed-driven capitalist puppets of HongKong are realising, decolonisation is an on-going process…
Turkey needs another Attaturk today, not that rabble-rousing bigot Erdogan. One reason I have never returned to a place I love dearly and where I have spent some of the happiest days of my life.

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Move it wherever
I have already suggested that this be moved elsewhere but I defend my right to say it, uncomfortable though it may be for some.

Love you @Southside, but most people don’t come here to be made uncomfortable.


Its only meant to be uncomfortable for some, not most :wink:

Do you ever think of why this forum exist and what it is trying to achieve? You rather put you selfish pleasure an dumping all that brain garbage in the forum instead of wanting the SAFE-network to succeed. Pathetic!

Can we post political things in a off-topic thread? I really less and less enjoy the forum because all of that


Sure - but remember - just about EVERYTHING is political – Hell in Canada, basic maths is now deprecated as “reaffirming Western hegemony”

So I take your point and sympathise but the lines are blurred…

To be honest, I’d have all threads that are not tech marketing and price action threads in an off-topic area , accessible only to users of an agreed level. But until then :wink:

We really do need to make it clear that this forum is ABOUT the SAFE Network, it is NOT the SAFE Network and it cannot be cos that does not yet exist.

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Right back at ya, Yankee puppet :slight_smile:


I’am not spamming “What’s up today” every week with propaganda, you are!

I wonder who your puppet master are, who is controlling you? Who are you running errands for? Some eastern agency playing you like a string on a guitar?

are you serious?

What are you talking about, who are you?

let people have their opinions

I’am here for tsee Safe network become a success, people can have their opinions on Reddit, Twitter, Chan’s or whatever. But it is not about opinions, it is about the weekly spamming of “What’s up today” and “Watch this video”. This is a developer forum, NOT REDDIT, the main purpose is to make the Safe network a success,

If the first thing newcomers see is constant Stalin propaganda then they might leave and they might be the ones making the Safe network a success in the future.

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This beady eye is on YOU … Tobias

just you BTW, everyone else has long since agreed that the success of the the USSR in defeating the Nazis and saving the world was IN SPITE OF and not because of old Uncle Joe.

Grow up and lose the paranoia, pal. Or are the wages from the Yankees too good to ignore?

Which is why I recommend all non-tech, marketing and price action posts be in a separate area, only accessible to forum members of an agreed level so it is NOT the first thing people see.

But you are too lazy to read #meta, eh?

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Safe network can’t become a succes in a Safe network bubble. Safe network must come out to the masses!

Yes, that was what I was saying.

Lines like that makes me think someone is pulling your strings, you seem to just repeat what you are told to, no real mental activity, no one, maybe people in Kim Jong’s special mental manipulation school, would believe in such falacy.

They should never have stopped domestic wiretapping of commies in the western world and I hope they have not stopped.

In the Beautiful light of the western world there is always an equaly strong opposite darkness, like Neo and Mr Anderson in “The Matrix”. Never thought that the philosophy of that movie would apply so true to the real world.

everybody is wiretapped in the western world


Maybe but there are rules. In Russia, China, North Korea, everyone are wiretapped too but there are no rules.