What to do when you forget the location of the files you put on the safe network?

So I typed safe files put ./to-upload/ --recursive,
but then a few seconds later, my computer froze and I had to restart.

Now I could put the same files on the network again, but I don’t think that that’s how it’s supposed to work, is it?


Definitely not! I have just done the same - no restart required. Never come across that before.

Immutable files will have the same location and there’s something in the CLI for resolving the xorurl without uploading.

Perhaps this is what you’re looking for then

safe files put ./to-upload/ --recursive --dry-run

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Eventually for a given key we should have an index of all files uploaded by that key (unless it’s opted out of) [exact mechanism for this still to be defined].


I wonder that tempts visibility of what other keys also uploaded the same… and then what are related files uploaded by those other keys. Perhaps useful cascade to similar files.

I’m not sure it has to be a public index.

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Currently is there any way to tell what files I already uploaded once I clean my terminal history and forget the xor-urls? I would be very happy if there could be some simple file keeping track of every wallet url, file container links and the xor-urls of items within it. NRS list of renamed items. Basically something to keep track of what my account configured and owns, has put out there.

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$ safe xorurl <location>

This will only give the files xorurls, not the FilesContainer xorurl

When I tried the safe xorurl command it hung for several minutes and threw an error which seems odd considering this is an offline operation. Starting a local network allowed it to work. @joshuef, any ideas why this needs to have a network running to be able to work?

[2020-09-13T22:50:57Z ERROR safe] safe-cli error: Failed to connect: [Error] ConnectionError - Failed to connect to the SAFE Network: Unexpected("Connection timed out when bootstrapping to the network")


$ safe files put --dry-run --recursive <location>


FilesContainer not created since running in dry-run mode

So files, yes we can get the location, but the filescontainer, I don’t know how.


Ahh, yeh I’d wager this is due to the files operation generally needing to be connected to do it’s thing. All such operations are behind a connect call still in the CLI.

A wee refactor of this could allow for the commands to be run w/ dry-run w/o connecting.


Nope, nothing is implemented for this at the moment (that I’m aware of). Shouldn’t be hard to log this. I’m not sure about logging these things specifically to another file eg though. But I’d guess it could be done.