What the People Want

What the people want.

Now some of this in America will fall under the category of what they’d want if they knew they could have it and were entitled to it- which I think system like ProjectSAFE will see to soon enough. But its all within reason and all stuff our knowhow and technology justifies.

Full time 20hrs a week with no reduction in income.

Wages indexed to inflation so a raise really is a raise

In any workplace dispute the higher benefit of hourly, salary or contract, all employees
in all work places will have the rule set applied in each instance that benefit the employee most.
If the employee wants to have an extended lunch that is covered under salary or contract etc.

Pensions untouchable with indexed living payouts- defined benefit, not Wall St. scam

Saturday and Sunday off, fully budgeted mandatory vacations

Overtime at double time, no matter what, with mandatory criminal and civil penalties for violations

No limits on unemployment insurance.

Social Security indexed to inflation and brought up to living standards.

No more Tax subsidized offshoring.

Tax advantages for big firms that are fully employee or end user owned. Tax disadvantages for Wall St. firms or privately held firms.

Paid for uncompromised medical and education, cradle to grave.

Uncompromised automatic disability insurance.

The end of fake jobs and fake school. If it’s not genuine better to pay people to stay home. Don’t like paying people to stay home? Then pay them more to study, eat better, exercise and recreate.
Huge tax credits for cord cutting in any form. This is a way to harden society against adversity and given them the spine to stand up to psychopathy.

No more ALEC- ALEC is the definition of bullshit.

Honest accountable media systems and systems that replace the need for news and media all together-
better word of mouth than shill expert eye witness.

A tax system that keeps the wealthy from harming other people with money- that means a progressive system where the very wealthy pay almost all of their income if they do anti social things with money- because unfortunately money is power and their having it is a matter of public trust- not a right.

Asset taxes as proposed by people like Thomas Picketty for the very wealthy- this is to prevent the rise of trillionaires based on raping the 3rd world etc., doubtful that it needs global agreement- easy enough to check capital flight

What doesn’t matter is more profit for Wall. St and more wealth for billionaires. The people who did the work and provided most of the innovation need to benefit from their efforts.

The end of crime of austerity bullshit. We don’t have professional gamblers that piss away our future and then tell us to work harder to cover their losses- they eat the loss and they don’t get another chance to waste our resources.

The end of the MBA. Every MBA program in the country needs an audit, they shouldn’t be glorifying psychopathy and they shouldn’t be getting government funding. It’s also a degree that no government program should be allowed to require or hire from. Government is not a business and should never ever be run line one. The skill set and world view needed for government is almost the exact opposite.
The MPA programs should not be MBA programs in disguise.

Honestly, **** business, if the supply siders don’t like it they can learn Mandarin, and go become Chinese nationals but check their wealth at the border.

I can hear my fellow brainwashed misinformed Americans saying this can’t be done. But it can be done. Most of it is being done in Germany and places like Seattle are putting some of it in place. A lot of it was done in Sweden and Norway for decades. If it’s done in Sweden and Norway to a lesser extent now that’s just corruption. It just means less for useless complaining psyhchopathic whiners. It means certain clowns won’t meet their profit projections and others on the useless net negative side will start paying taxes commensurate with their actual contributions to society, and will begin to understand that capital gain without contribution won’t be tolerated. They can call it socialism, but society can’t afford the useless decadent class and its nonsense capitalist free market excuses. People have lives they want to get on with.