What secret things will most people want to use Safe Network for?

If you came here for Plausibly Deniable Data Security the PDDB see:


This has always given me some perplexion: In the future, what secret things will most people want to use Safe Network for? Finances, relationships, illegal activities, embarrassing moments, health data, physical locations, political stances? Which of these will be the most important you think?

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I think that’s a separate discussion, and there’s no general answer to it anyway. What is important to a political dissident will be different from a business, a government or a regular citizen etc.


So true. Business trade secrets and government documents, at some point, will probably be commonplace for Safe Network, but for a long time most of the concern and use will be from a regular citizen, so again, I ask, which of these secrets will people be wanting to keep?


Im saying nothing, it’s a secret.


Seems like the prevailing sentiment.

It’s going to be different for everyone, otherwise why do you need to ask?


Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, seems like a prickly subject. Crunch out.

Nobody has been prickly. You haven’t answered your own question, is that prickly?


the question what types is wrong how about the inverse ?

what data do you not want to protect on Safe?
which sets of your data should not be private ?

Relax, amigo. I’m not asking what your secret is, I’m asking what you think the predominant secret uses will be.

Most people don’t have anything that juicy to hide. That’s what’s wrong with the whole mass surveillance system we have now. I just want to be left in peace. If somebody tries to press me for my high school papers, then that’s what I want to hide. If nobody presses me, then I don’t really care. I start caring when others start prying. The object is of less importance.


?Raw data… of all kinds.
Depends on the price point perhaps but if you had a security cam, then streaming that to a safe place would be a simple fix of difference from what is possible now.
People want privacy in part for allowing the random mess that can enable creativity and free thought… a digital private space to sort and collate … secrecy and privacy is about the stupidity of others… there’s always a smartarse with an opinion and they get tiresome for being off target.
Perhaps there can be tools that support users and take away the hassle of having too much data… just throw the data at it and it archives like a library.

The big one is having a safe place that is not local, is great insurance without the worry; the more data we have the more risk there is.

Safe could go a long way to avoiding single points of failure in data.


This is such a good point. To me it’s also the ease in which a central entity can know many minor things about me at once. And the value of that information is much, much more than the sum of its parts. This is where AI can start predicting behavior, investigating “thought crime”, etc. Having information be “semi-private” would prevent much of this. Regardless of privacy settings, Google, FB, etc. have it all right now in real time.


For me, the only suitable place for secrets is my own devices.

If information is shared with someone, then it is not true secret anymore.
I think “semi-secret” type of information should be used in such cases.

For example, almost noone will have much problems after leaking their name, city, phone number.
But it is better to protect such information nevertheless.
For such information it is fine to use external storage, like Safe Network.

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