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Yes, there is quite a bit happening today and for the rest of the week.


Quite a bit of work also happening on gitlab these days. I would not worry there is always lots happening :slight_smile:




This is beautiful. Here’s the question: Will history books write more favorably about Bitcoin or Potcoin? Unbelievable.


“South Korea hails ‘new chapter in peace and co-operation’”


Let’s hope the North Korea situation keeps improving.
Ps: If I read the article below, the White House could use some digitalisation. And maybe archive on the Safe Network in the future. Although there are other more obvious improvements that can be made… I don’t see the advantage of the sharding of physical paper here. But that’s probably because I’m no president.

Edit: should this be fake news, then it is because ex White House employees Solomon Lartey and Reginald Young Jr. are lying or exaggerating a lot. No response yet from the White House on this story.


A brilliant piece from the Trump-hating New York Magazine. Probably, definitely not fake news at all…(insert sarcasm here).
The real deal was made back in November. This wasn’t the first meeting. There is a massive geopolitical shell game going on…and the media are being left completely in the dark because they’ve played such a corrupt role in perpetuating the suffering of so many in all of these artificial wars.
It’s quite complicated to really get into in a simple post, but NK, Iran, and Palestine will be resolved by the end of the year…as well as a few other big things. This stuff is monumental. Trump has a role, but this is decades of international military planning to map out these corrupt decentralized networks of arms, drugs, and human trafficking.
Hollywood is absolutely losing their minds…because they’ll be shown to be among the most criminal and corrupt. You think Weinstein is just the surface or that it’s just men. Hello? NXIVM? It only takes a few quick searches on the Department of Justice website to see the size and content of the revelations about to be released to the public worldwide.
The US, NK, SK, Russia, China, and many others are all in on it. Japan and Italy most recently. The G7 countries have been the most difficult to get on board because their handlers are all tied to a dying world order that refused to allow NK, Iran, Palestine, and Africa in general actually participate rather than simply be cows for feeding Europe’s royal blood. Goodbye EU and those that backed it. Freedom will be coming back to the people of Europe. There is so much more than this going on it’s not even funny…
All this is the backdrop of the SAFE Network…it will literally prove to be its raison d’etre, IMHO.

Kind of old news, but here’s a piece many are probably not aware of to give some legitimacy. Erik Prince, the billionaire US Navy Seal CEO of the mercenary company Blackwater. He probably knows what he’s talking about…


BitTorrent Sells to Blockchain Entrepreneur Justin Sun

The foundation claims that it wants to build what it calls a “decentralized internet,” allowing developers to build blockchain-based applications. It’s unclear how exactly Tron plans to integrate with BitTorrent.



Why start up developers may need SAFE more than ever…

(Though I wonder can ISP’s similarly adversely effect SAFE data over the net?)


Bitcoin-related news:

Lots of chatter overnight going on about the hashes to confirm Wikileaks’ emergency torrents files A, B, & C having been confirmed and at least one of the files’ passwords has been used to get past the first layer of cryptography. Part of the whole maze has been known about being somewhere in the 2013 Bitcoin blockchain or before, but attempts to communicate about it keep getting attacked. It seems that is no longer the case. Now everyone is waiting for the keys that open the doors to 500GB+ of the biggest secrets of them all.


What a hillaryous psycho.


If people really understood what is suspected to be on Anthony Weiner’s laptop (which was just unsealed on June 8th by a Grand Jury) and in those Wikileaks files, calling her a psycho would be considered a high compliment. And it’s not just her…it’s hundreds, if not thousands of people. It made tough-ass veteran NYPD homicide detectives “fall to their knees and cry”.



The 20th century philosopher Karl Popper put forward the idea that citizens shouldn’t strive for any sort of utopia. Because it was put you on the road to totalitarianism…one man’s idea of utopia being another man’s nightmare and all that.

Worse still, it wasn’t just that the ‘perfect’ form of politics is impossible. it was also the act of striving for this goal is actually dangerous.

Instead, Popper posited that the goal for citizens in any political system should be to have the power to stop the ‘worst’ forms of government forming.

That sounds like an acceptance of mediocre governments. And in a way it is. But I’d say its more the idea of hoping for the best, but preparing against the worst. Cos the worse can do a lot more damage

As the video says, data is now power.

So in a Popperian world, SAFE becomes a necessary weapon for individual citizens to counter it’s malicious uses.


Unfortunately the SAFE Network is a more efficient way, to abuse internet users. That’s why we need to be ultra careful with the permissions we give apps. Apps/websites will have a complete “banned for life” on our ad platform, if they contain tracking tech, mallware or whatever new mess that we find out about on the SAFE Network.

Luckily clearnet is showing us, how idiotic tech can get and one thing is for sure. Some people will just try to repeat user abuse with apps on the SAFE Network, don’t think that just because something is on the network that it cares about security and privacy.


On that point then…

How would an everyday user know then if an app on SAFE is malicious or not?


Imho it’s not on the user to know this, if our ad platform links to it, our ad platform or web browser should analyze the app/website before linking to it (Google and Firefox etc do this). I hope not, but we’ll have apps/websites that do things like steal users privatekeys. So we’ll also need registries to eliminate these attacks, I’m just not sure that it should be done so inefficiently like this. https://publisher.adchain.com/ yeah yeah Adchain is an advertising registry but you can expand the idea to also have other data about the app/website and that whenever a malicious link shows up somewhere Peruse automatically removes it or block it. In the Ethereum community whenever some malicious site shows up, they only talk about it briefly on Reddit, with Peruse maybe it would help if we could take direct action doing a pullrequest.

It will be helpful if we replicate known attack websites on the SAFE Network to better understand this new stage.


This is fascinating, especially the last paragraph which is quite intriguing and I think may appeal to @whiteoutmashups


I heard it was all about Block-chain.