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Kate Spade, Dutch Princess, Anthony Bourdain…


I see what you did there :curly_loop: :dizzy_face:
Surely a coincidence and not that relevant here, except if you interpret the topic title in a certain way.


What do you mean? Isn’t this the topic for whatever news?

Surely just a coincidence…but out of curiosity, what’s the number that makes it not a coincidence anymore?

If/when it becomes more than just a coincidence, I’ll place bets that insecure comms are central to the story. In this case, that could be a good thing though…


The relevance part is not a problem for me.
I think that the number when I get really suspicious is a bit higher than yours :wink:


It’s not the number that is suspicious, yet…
It’s the connections.
Cambridge Analytica -> Black Cube -> Harvey Weinstein


I guessed that I was missing something, but didn’t find it immediately, so I appriciate the clarification.
Not that I’m convinced, because you also need connections with the other 2 cases, and the Dutch queens sister official story seems legit.
If you or anyone else want to discuss this further on this forum (not necessary for me personally), it is maybe
a good idea to make a new topic for it.


The other cases are even easier, but I’ll leave that to those interested. I’ll also leave the convincing up to future events. I’m certainly no oracle, so take my musings with a dash of salt. That said, I wasn’t really looking to go to deep on this either. Since this is the random news thread for whatever beyond the SAFE Network, whenever I come across important seeds in the upcoming conversation about the transparency/privacy polarity, I just toss them into the mix. The connection from seed to mustard tree might be a bit hard to make. I’ll try to add a bit more sauce in future posts. That said, I have inklings only; not the full picture.

However, I am concerned that people aren’t making some important connections with all the craziness in news and politics. Some just too busy; many just tuning it out. If people could see the big picture and understand what is happening, they wouldn’t have to be right about the details, but they might understand that earth-shattering events are taking place and that these are the most fascinating times ever to be alive. To witness it live and understand the connections, to me, is pretty fascinating.

On a different note, have we not yet learned to have a bit more skepticism of the media yet? If the truth were not as they say, do you think they would really tell us? Does the media even know? The biggest keyword in the news this week is “post-truth”; also, the 2016 Oxford Dictionary’s Word-of-the-Year. To me, that’s a pretty big indicator that nothing may be as it seems. Not enough to believe in the alternative, but enough to question the official narratives being sold to us.


That wikipedia link was painful to read. It’s the new “fake news”. Anything that the media disagrees with is “post truth”

A defining trait of post-truth politics is that campaigners continue to repeat their talking points, even if these are found to be untrue by the media or independent experts.

I can always find an “expert” to support any idea that I want to shovel down your throat. Billions are spent on think-tanks and lobbying groups who do nothing else all day except create “expert” testimony that can be used by their owners to justify a policy. As for the media, they have amply demonstrated their (lack of) trustworthiness and impartiality.

Just like “fake news”, this is going to come around and bite them in the ass. I’d say what we have now, with the internet, is the possibility of actually finding truth. Granted, it may be buried pretty deep, but it’s better than the “pre-truth” era where you ate what the media fed to you, and you smiled and asked for more.



Does this count as aiding and abetting? Slate, come November, if not sooner, you will have lost, bigly.




Today still alhpa 2 , alpha 2. Alpha 2.


Can I buy you a new keyboard?

Your Ctrl, C and V buttons appear to be getting repeatedly stuck of late :wink: :smile:


My keyboard is moving now, alpha 3



What was not up yesterday…



Maybe extra marketing for CD Projekt Red yesterday with the first trailer of their next game :wink: Good example of creating hype and a game I rather want to play than Star Citizen, which was mentioned earlier here:
Should maidsafe start giving timescales? My current impression of Star Citizen is to be very critical, e.g. they have no problems to get/accept a lot of money from their supporters, even recently.


quite quiet lately in the forum and github. is the team on holidays or anything else going on at the moment?


This is interesting