What’s up today?


Yeah, we’re very excited about this kind of stuff and have already found a couple of bugs in our PARSEC code thanks to the proptest crate (which is like QuickCheck afaik). Fuzzing is also something we’ve looked into, and I think the idea behind it is brilliant. Surprisingly, fuzz testing is not that new – the paper introducing it is from the 90s, when the web and interconnectivity was shining light on how C’s unsafety is a big problem for security, but it didn’t catch on then.


One can have gripes, but what you are doing is an epic difficulty task, and many of us wouldn’t be here if you weren’t doing it right. This network has to be seriously hardened on day 1.



https://www.cryptopia.co.nz reopened after hack. Everything is in read only mode. Users can sign in and check their account but they can’t trade or withdraw. There is a rumor that they lost 10% of crypto. So there is a chance those of us trapped there will be able to get back 90-100% of their Maidsafe coins. It will depend on how they distribute loses among users. Only ETH and erc20 tokens were stolen. Maybe that rumor is wrong and they lost 90% who knows:)







FYI, NSA reverse engineering tool (GHIDRA) is available but not yet open source. The github repo still states:

This repository is a placeholder for the full open source release. Be assured efforts are under way to make the software available here.

As a side effect, I think IDA will have to lower its prices to keep their customers.


HAHA! Yeah right!


Only to suck more people into its totally non-private social media.





Could his demise be any more suspicious?



It seems some things for sure won’t change really, Mark Z: “Interoperability. People should be able to use any of our apps to reach their friends, and they should be able to communicate across networks easily and securely.”


143 years ago today the telephone was patented by Scottish inventor Alexander Graham Bell.


Bell did also a lot of experimentation in Nova Scotia, Canada. I’ve visited the museum there.


Cute. Not gonna work. Nothing will.

You’d have to replace all of you to be able to hide.

New hairstyle every day. Fake beard. Mask to obscure facial bone structure. Props to alter body proportions. Pebbles in your shoes to change your gait. True, shades can help some too.

And, of course, no phone ever again, and have all your wireless devices set up to routinely and frequently switch to random MAC addresses. You’ll also have to say goodbye to all online services and use the Safe Network inclusively instead, but I believe that’s already a given on this forum.


Interesting read, reminds me of Stuxnet.