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Not a TB of storage, but no more complaining about a too small battery:



I’d prefer an additional battery pack that can hug the phone and be easily separated. That way the phone+pack can be much slimmer and by having multiple of these you can get how ever many days you want if away from chargers.

The phones of today are now becoming too heavy again, and to add a large battery is going to be too much.


When your social ranking set your freedom level What the hell… i do not want to watch the world turning into this


I like it a lot, firefox but better


Four Corners on the ABC (Aussie ABC - public broadcaster) did a report on this and exposed this and even did an interview with one who was in this situation. He had like 400 odd in his social score. Just under half way.

Things like buying one bottle too much of alcohol reduces your score. J-walking reduces your score. Buying nappies increases your score since it shows you as responsible.

During the testing phrase they choose one province of China where they have been taking facial photos of everyone (20 to 100 images) using many angles so their systems can recognise the person from any angle. The show also showed the 10-20 cameras on traffic light poles and cameras in the stores, street corners etc so they can follow people and who they interact with (can affect score)

They also interviewed a couple (well-to-do) with a child and how they were very much in favour of the system and saw it as having great benefit to chinese society. Then 4 corners showed the man who could not travel outside the area he lived in.

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Scary! Sounds like minority report! :no_mouth:


People will modify their behaviour but in unhappy ways. This cartoon was on my Facebook feed, sums it up well I think.


Here a more detailed article:


Anyone from France able to confirm the following?

Can’t have the safenetwork go live soon enough.
Feels like a race against time. The safenetwork is very necessary.
Bit of a weight on the dev team, eh?

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Here is a news report using material from the 4 corners report. It summaries the 1/2 hour show

EDIT: Here is the 4 corners report

EDIT2: Maybe they should buy these glasses that reflect back light from flashes/IR cameras


That’s pretty alarming @neo
I mean, why? Why the mankind wants to prove his foolishness at all costs?


Because nearly every leader/government sees the human race as fodder and cattle (we are lesser mortals to them). They only help the population so the population can create wealth. Maybe some politicians see it as building up the country to something great, but I suspect that its more to do with building up their own portfolios. Our previous Prime Minister (2 back) gave a speech basically berating the elderly as a drain on the country and stop going and getting health care. They upped the retirement age and those born after 1964 have no retirement age (no pension). Just an age where they can access their super and its like into their 70’s.


The SafeNetwork can not help much to people like Uyghurs, when they have very limited access to what SafeNetwork is and how to install authenticator etc. It is more like for those with high social credit which do not want lose it while using Clearnet.

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Great article. I imagine the Safe core libs are/will be opened up to the automated fuzzing and QuickCheck type tools described. Also led to the article linked below which whilst generally depressing, does end on a positive note and one I think the Safe Network will be well positioned to address.


Yes true.

The articles were to show the problems exposed by a reporter who was actually there and interviewed these people. 4 Corners usually produce good stuff.


We are facing a EU regulation which may make it impossible to install a custom piece of software on most radio decives like WiFi routers, smartphones and embedded devices.

The EU Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU) contains one highly dangerous article will cause many issues if implemented: Article 3(3)(i). It requires hardware manufacturers of most devices sending and receiving radio signals to implement a barrier that disallows installing software which has not been certified by the manufacturer. That means, that for installing an alternative operating system on a router, mobile phone or any other radio-capable device, the manufacturer of this device has to assess its conformity.

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Well, not true at all imo. It couldn’t maybe directly, but indirectly Safe could help them. Thanks to investigative journalism and reports, more attention may be pointed towards them