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Not quite if they do not verify some form of photo ID. You could use for example someone else’s account if for example you owed them money.

But for authorities finding you out, well that depends on you using your own bank account and not say a bitcoin dealer who pays you cash for that (keeping their cut of course)



Probably a rubber-hose attack:


A very interesting series about our future
Let me know what you think about it


And people are still wondering why Satoshi Nakamoto stayed pseudonymous…


A regular USB cable, except it isn’t…





from the comments:

Maybe we shouldn’t moderate this shit. Like, I absolutely don’t want to see it, but maybe we’re just hiding how fucked up we are as a society. […] and we’re forced to face the true extent of our depravity so we can actually talk about the issues and find ways to fix them.

SafeNet anyone?

This is such a ridiculous fallacy - that people need to be exposed to things like Neo Nazi ideology to realize how bad it is. The Exposure Effect is very real, and very much applies here.

Regardless - the problem is that the people that want people to see this type of thing will spam it incessantly - often in the worst places (e.g., children’s sites, survivor sites, Jewish heritage, etc.) The horrible assholes of our society would do their damnedest to make their platform as big as possible, even if they truly are small minority. There is also already enough noise out there already, no need to add more to it just because it is covered in shit.

How about a reputation system to only show “good” content?


Streamr’s Monoplasma :unicorn:




There is no such thing as free money. That is just basic personal responsibility and common sense


Very interesting and alarming at the same time



I’m no fan of Tommy Robinson but has he just beat the BBC at their own game?


Fortunately more people from within the media itself are starting to speak out:



Some SAFE chats and beers! :wink:


if you have an account at Coinbase, there is a promotion right now 10$ free BAT tokens: