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I’ve seen that before. I think I posted it on r/cc a few months ago.

It is quite a decent write-up though, so happy to see it being republished.


I have actually been using it for Android and pc for a few months and I like it a lot. I was wondering what all you tech warriors thought of it.

I didn’t realise they did referrals. Thanks.


@Sonder If you have a site or youtube channel you can register and verify in Brave Rewards to use referrals:



Clearnet logic and pricetags

SAFE Network, just 1 SAFEcoin needed and PUTs



Just bought maidsafe.dev for $12,500, hope the company reimburses me :+1:


So 12 and a half and not 12500 dollar, I hope (you can only try :wink: ).




Maybe also interesting to some:



It would be funny, if the general public didnt end up footing the bill.


I find these very interesting, enjoy guys






Hey, ‘life hack’ enthusiasts.Think you’re organised? You’ve got nothing on Stephen Wolfram :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seeking the Productive Life: Some Details of My Personal Infrastructure



An interesting and entertaining rant against YouTube’s Kafkaesque policies on YouTube

YouTube Is Punishing Content Creators For Comments Left On Their Videos


Does giving them your bank details not pretty much count as KYC?


:rofl: this just had me in stiches

Very off-topic I apologise but it did remind me of @Viv so I will use that to justify :wink: