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Bots: still some way to go. (This one seems to have Tourettes Syndrome)



Wtf… This has dot.com boom/bust written all over it.




So basically any platform will be responsible for user generated content breaking copyright. Safenetwork can be illegal because of this law. Or at least we can expect lot of government pressure and lot of people moving from internet to alternative networks where they can upload and share what they want.


SAFE does not fit the description of

that centres on the use of protected content by “information society service providers” (ISSPs), which store and give access to material uploaded by users.

There is no one using SAFE NODES that could be massaged into fitting the definition of a ISSP apart from the safe site operators.

To say the network itself and our private stores or public files fits the description is like saying a “i7 4GB 200TB NAS” server fits the description. The SAFE network and its storage is equivalent to “TCP/IP and the hardware servers and its protocol stack and linux operating system”

Article 13 can only apply to the SAFE-sites and Applications that run on SAFE.

So in my opinion which has 40+ years in the computing communications field is that the Network cannot be considered when looking at this article and that SAFE applications/sites would have a simple clause that says if you are from the EU then do not enter this site. Assuming the site may violate the article (eg forum with memes)


They’ve already lost if this is all they’ve got. This is a last ditch attempt. They know what’s coming…


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It was a fun meeting at Facebook, it seems :smile:



We need the safenetwork as fast as possible! I hope Maidsafe is hosting their data not only on github?


I think I am going to be sick.





Never heard about GitKraken. What about it?


It would be fun to see hackers, hacking away on the SAFE testnet also.
@maidsafe might be worth including this in the CEP in the future.



Coercive biometric extraction into centralized system and when these systems get hacked, they are surprised of the consequences.




Pretty funny, except they screwed up(likely on purpose) the political identity stereotype(and reality in this case) of the most important character: the barman/cashier! Also, Trevor Noah is a hack.

Anyway, angry people click more. We all knew that. This Facebook disaster is the slowest snowball ever, but I have no doubt that the reckoning is coming. The timing is important. The really damning stuff hasn’t even come out yet! The matrix of information warfare on the internet has pulled the wool so far over our eyes that there is no such thing as a red pill in real life. The awakening is most definitely planned out and it’s like a saline drip. Some people have bits and pieces of it, like we have here with the information privacy problems, but few have really seen or had access to all the facets and how they fit together. Apparently, a big dose of the truth would simply be too much for most people to handle, particularly considering the political implications. They warn that what’s at the bottom of this big picture iceberg will be available but won’t be for everyone. I agree.