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He will really be missed…

Happy to see that your also one of his students, with Bancor he luckily got to see a diversity of cryptocurrencies connect (something he always wanted). Students need to innovate beyond their teachers… So to be continued on the SAFE Network


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Thanks @happybeing - is this a change to their policy that you’ve just noticed? I know that you could always view unlimited free articles plus up to 3 (?) premium (i.e. starred) membership-only articles each month before you pay £5pcm. I pay for membership as it has some of the best independent crypto-writing on there in my view (with the inevitable move towards paywalls as well with independent writers supporting themselves). Worth saying though in principle that I agree with what you’re saying, controlling/owning is better than going through third parties - any content platform with this model will try to protect any value it can build up. In Feb 2019, I’m personally still a believer in it wearing a marketing hat - it has better virality of reach than any other platform out there (via the Twitter auto-follows and daily email inbox ‘second-chance’ for your posts to get publicised), given that our marketing goals are to get the message out in front of as many people as possible - but totally agree also that owning/controlling your own content is always the preference. Ideal would be to have both simultaneously (provided you don’t knacker your SEO, which Medium was pretty progressive about the last time I looked - i.e not hammering you with a double-posting penalty).


I don’t know if it is a change. I thought it was the first time I’ve seen this but might be wrong. I’ve had popups before, but I don’t recall them being for this. Usually I am taken straight to the article. I use a cookie auto-delete plugin, so not sure how they would be tracking me to notice I’m over the threshold.

Anyway, I will continue to advocate for people NOT to publish on Medium. Subscribing as a reader is a different thing, though you are still feeding the machine that is eating us :wink:

If anyone wants a self hosted blog that can be deployed to web and SAFE simultaneously, I have one. Not pretty yet, but it is a nice collaborative project if anyone would like to join me, and you get to learn React too! :slight_smile: See:

DWeb Blog works right now, but the layout and styles are very basic so: lots of room for creatives to play around, to learn, to create a website/blog and publish to web and SAFE. This could be Safepress with a little work:


thanks @Future, this is a really interesting article :+1:


@nbaksalyar agree - I’ve read parts of the future of money and its pretty impressive - its been a key reading for many experts in this field. Big loss.


Ugh, abuse of customer data is so uncool. This part especially:

The App Analyst, a mobile expert who writes about his analyses of popular apps on his eponymous blog, recently found Air Canada’s iPhone app wasn’t properly masking the session replays when they were sent, exposing passport numbers and credit card data in each replay session. Just weeks earlier, Air Canada said its app had a data breach, exposing 20,000 profiles.

This kind of session recording should be explicitly opt-in by the users, but it’s not being even mentioned in the privacy policies of these companies. I’m also surprised at how poor the permission model on iOS is.


I haven’t liked Medium for a long time due to its user-hostile behavior. And I’m pretty sure I ran into an articles limit a while back, now.

More people should be self-publishing articles instead of giving so much control over to third parties. Although it’s always funny to see a blog post about e.g. online privacy, only to then find a Disqus comments section and Google Analytics on the page…


Good news for a change, a crumb at least:



Interestingly, I was going to comment on this point yesterday while reading the open source article that MaidSafe posted.
We use Ghost, also open source, self hosted on digital ocean droplet for publishing. It works pretty well and is easy to use. As Dug mentioned, one can also post first on their own blog, then can repost on Medium after a certain delay to reach even more people. Overall, not a good idea to have someone else own your contents no matter how easy they make it seem because they could decide at any time to do something that you might not like, even take away all of the readers that they made it so easy for you to get in the first place.
Google, FB, Medium, etc. got us in the first place because they make it easy to get sucked in. You have to actively fight it if you’re to escape their control, and accept some of the difficulties inherent to living off the walled garden like finding your own food (i.e., readers).


I don’t like Medium like everyone else but can not deny its usefulness… I follow 3-4 crypto project there with the Medium Android app and find it useful to receive notifications. Often when I review a new crypto project I go to its Medium page…


Clearnet in action

fun serie



A follow-up to this story:


Yea only after they have been found with their hands in the cookie jar. Apple would have known this was happening and may even have provided support to create the code.

EDIT: I would be asking Apple if they are doing it themselves.

Mind you Google record conversations with their “Home” products. Along with Amazons “Echo” products.


For anyone using Spotify:



Nothing to worry about when you don’t need ads in the first place! :smile:


They will stop recording your screen , but they will find some other gap to fill in…I look forward to the day when they will no longer be able to read anything , just as if all my gadgets will be a black hole to them. they know my phone, computer, etc are part of the net, but they can´t read them…! safenetwork on the loose! :slight_smile: