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Here’s a link to the (very long) white paper for those looking for greater detail:


Edit: Interestingly, Chainspace have been working on a ABFT consensus protocol called Blockmania


Very interesting
Did anyone of you guys know Bellingcat investigation source?


What do you mean by their investigation source?


Sorry, mispelled in english. I mean if you know Bellingcat (i think that’s a good investigative-journalism source)


Yes, I’ve followed them for a while. They do some amazing investigative work. Sometimes they publish quizzes where they put out photos and challenge people to work out exactly where (and sometimes when) they were taken. I haven’t got one right yet, but it’s fun trying to pick out the clues to work it out.


I’ve just found them. Reading currently few of their investigative reports and i find them amazing. Hope they’ll consider someday to bring their work on the SafeNetwork



When I met @povilasb at FOSDEM he mentioned QUIC and HTTP/3, which I didn’t know much about. I found this great introductory resource explaining how it works: https://http3-explained.haxx.se/en/

Not sure if this is the right place to post this :stuck_out_tongue:


It was designed and created by a Mozilla employee and then some more (including one of the founders of Mozilla) and then it got sponsored by Mozilla. I won’t go into details about the semantics of the word “made” or about how open source works and how those two things may interact because I’m curious about all the fun ways you will go about splitting hair some more.


What kind of an idiot does think authoritarian governments need cryptocurrencies to subvert their citizens’ rights?


:cry: rip financial architect


Let’s keep the discussions as objective as possible.

As @anon41664782 wrote, Mozilla makes the claim of being the first investor for Rust, even if they did not develop Rust, they played a very important role.


"How is Mozilla involved with Rust?
Mozilla was the first investor for Rust and continues to sponsor the work of the open source project."


There’s a good case for Mozilla “making” Rust – they may not have created the original version but they did make Rust into what it is today (which is almost unrecognizable from the Rust in 2009). Think about it this way, what would Rust look like today if Mozilla didn’t get involved? Mozilla is responsible for the ecosystem, the tooling, the community… all of this is as much part of the language as, well, the language itself.


Seems that #LNtrustchain initiative is trending on Twitter. Users are passing the torch :flashlight: one hand to another


When the SafeNetwork will go live, I want #SafecoinTorch :flashlight: :fire: to be passed along everywhere in the world


RIP, he was truly one of the great thinkers. I can’t recommend his books enough. “The Future of Money” and “Rethinking Money” give a good understanding about how money works in the present world, explain why we need to change it, and, above all that, propose innovative ways of fixing the problems with the current monetary and financial systems. After reading these books it also becomes very clear why do we need cryptocurrencies and decentralised networks.


I’m very proud of you @Maidsafe Team!


AFAIK I hope not. Who funds them?


Honestly don’t know. But I support open-source investigative journalism