What’s up today?


Not that I’ve an Iphone, but concerning privacy it could be that they are better than Android in general. That is what they say themselves anyway:


My first React-static project is a website/blog for web and DWeb (SAFE!):


While governments ban HTC and Huawei to be potentially insecure for nation security.


Interesting thoughts to keep in mind when participating in those crypto currency project debates:

Constrained vs unconstrained vision, which are you? I sense the MaidSafe project team is of the contrained vision approach, and that is a good thing!


More details to the FaceTime story:


Kryder’s law in full effect.


Apparently the S10 will have an integrated bitcoin wallet as well. I’ll have to find the source though.


The website of cryptopia is gone. Does it mean cryptopia will not come back again?


Probably the skilled hackers, the guys really interested in getting money from this, had it for multiple years already," says David Jaeger, a researcher at Hasso Plattner Institute who analyzed the collections. “After some time, they’ve tried all these on the major services, so it doesn’t make sense to keep them any longer, they sell it for a small amount of money.”


Not just Bitcoin, but also Ethereum (and I think I heard BCash too)


Well that’s promising for a future with a built in mobile vault then isn’t it? :slightly_smiling_face:



@jlpell, being in the finance section sounds more like a claim and they want financing to continue research. Make claims of solving a big thing, be it robots, drugs, cancer research, they all do the same release press releases when they are at the 1% stage sounding like they are at the 75-90% stage to attract funding.

We’ll see though. If I can buy a “thinking” robot that can do the house work in the next decade then I’ll say they were a lot more advance than the normal press release would be.


And our government will demand Google (Australia) has to backdoor it so the tax department can get the records for “taxation” purposes. Otherwise google will have to pay upto 10 million dollars PER request they cannot satisfy. 10 million taxpayers by 10 million dollars – well I think google will backdoor it for the government.

So no thanks I will stick to wallets provided by non-austraian (presence) companies when I need one in the future.


I forsee bugs galore with bundled wallets on release.
Private keys on display or easily accessed, and thats without mentioning apps that hide stuff in the smallprint if at all.
Ill be sticking to my desktop wallet.




Either it’s a fishy story or a literal textbook example of criminal negligence and why m of n, m<n multisig is a basic requirement. Anyone want to take the over/under on whether those coins start moving in a year or two?


They don’t “like” Rust, they made Rust.


MIT, Stanford Academics Design Cryptocurrency to Better Bitcoin