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This is a big concern, thanks for sharing.
The source link is kind of an over-moderated ghost town now, and the discussion was moved to a Google group at the request of a mod here .
It’s quite lively and informative in there.

This is a serious move away from user-controlled data transfer and I think represents a real threat to the chromium project.


That is actually more or less what neo said in the post after i asked.
And just a thought, but maybe people wouldnt seem so defensive if they didnt feel you were on the attack.
If people were to ask advice on where to purchase maid, poloniex is a suitable option for many.
Just because you personally feel it should not be reccomended does not mean it should not.

If your mad at polo i understand that.
But there is no need to try and battle out those issues on this forum.


Ok. Call me immature… ( more attack)…
Ima big boy i can take it.
It was my opinion, based on how i thought you were coming accross over a few posts.
I could be wrong, wouldnt be the first or last time, but my opinion it is


Not quite today, but thought it good enough for it since I don’t think anyone mentioned Elon Musk’s recent hobby The future we’re building – and boring

Its about building a road system underground. Most people have weird and/or sensible ideas to improve the world, this guy though has the money whether the idea is sensible or weird.



Happy Privacy Day Everyone !!


This of course applies to all the development, that aims at making any production more handy, more streamlined etc. I myself design formworks for certain industry and I always try to make them as easy to use as possible, requiring as little man hours in the factory, as ever possible. If I wouldn’t, I’d soon be replaced by someone else. And frankly, I enjoy thinking about design from the UX point of view.

The problem is in the system that doesn’t really appreciate much other values that money. If the goal was to produce things in the most ecological way for example, it would in many cases mean using human muscles instead of some other source of energy. Like in farming it would be much more energy efficient to plow the fields with bare human muscle powers instead of using tractors that weigh several tonnes and uses only small part of their energy consumption to the actual plowing. (More is used to carry around the machine that carries around the plow.) Of course using human muscles for plowing is not more time efficient or (in current economical system) not even more cost efficient. But it is difficult to beat the ratio of calories burnt / area plowed, when we compare human work against any other methods, even horses, oxes etc.

As long as our economy runs on the calories found in the ground in a form of cheap fossil fuel, there is certain delusion of efficiency going on. Especially when the CO2 and other pollution has very cheap price tag, if any at all.


I have a growing braincrush on Elon.


Two mentions in two weeks. Someone’s having a crush on MaidSafe.


Found this thread asking “What do you look for before learning new tech?” Some of the answers are interesting and could be useful from the perspective of attracting developers and users to SAFE.



Logged in on twitter just to give those comments a like.


The Urbit primer was interesting read, thanks for posting those @dewild



Someone should ask him to see if he can get a SAFE Network Wikipedia page to stick… Seriously.



And yet another reason for not buying iphones.


What this demonstrates is that you can remotely turn on the microphone without users consent.
Do we all feel comfortable yet?


Wake word tech in phones mean it is probably always listening https://medium.com/@rowantrollope/7-things-you-didnt-know-about-wake-words-d4e9e041d11d with varying consequences https://www.alphr.com/mobile-phones/1009513/phone-listening-apps-paranoid

This particular attack in question means other bad people can listen, however it is likely in normal working that it is the device manufacturers/suppliers who listen instead. That attack will annoy them into saying this is a tragedy and we need to fix it. These are our products (the people) and we cannot have them stolen by others for profit. That profit is ours :slight_smile:

I heard a while back about hardware mics and it is plausible. A mic that requires no power, but the sound into the mic is enough to raise a line on a machine to wake and record proper. So a low power device can idle waiting on sounds and then waken up. That has a lot of ramifications as well if it indeed made it into phones, unless it already is.

I am not paranoid, but I think things may be much more sinister than a hacker turning on a mic that is under the control of big corps normally. I see the discussion as hiding those who are listening normally.


Sometimes I get the feeling that google allways listen, like if you just talk about something and then you get ads about that topic without you have searched for anything similar. There are some videos on youtube where some people try to demonstrate that google allways listen but I can’t confirm if they are true or not.

I wonder why not google has got the same attention as facebook got last year, I get the feeling that facebook could be a saint compared to google.


Is this some kind of sign maybe. :thinking: Got mail from mozilla that they like Rust, did they ment to say "there is a new SAFE programming language called Rust. :grinning:!