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And a big problem for those who think this is good, as an ABC 4 Corners report shows many chinese are happy, will think twice when what was good for their score in 2019 turns bad when the government decides that some previous OK behaviour is bad and their score drops. This scoring system has the potential for so many bad things happening.

Of course as all governments do, they will ignore the people who are falsely disadvantaged or falsely home imprisoned by this social score system. The 4 corners report showed that some people whose score drops below a certain level cannot then buy tickets on transport that will take them further than a certain distance from their home.


I get what you mean but I can’t shake the feeling it’s almost as if somebody could be justly disadvantaged or home imprisoned :rofl:

Well the courts feel justified doing it to criminals.

I assumed it in the context of the social score system of China. Though one could argue if the Chinese government decided it wields the same power as a court, then that’s how it is.

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Based on Cryptopia list of stolen tokens and coins, there is not any single MAID stolen.

Total list (Name/Amount/Value) :


Only ETH and ERC20 tokens were stolen. This is first time a see an advantage of OMNI token;) Anyway, I do not believe they will return my MAID back. The common step in such situation is to share loses between all users.

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Wow China turning into one of those evil movies on a really quick timeline

Not sure why they relate it to Grindr lol, maybe they meant tinder? :joy::rofl:


Then maybe someone should make an app for the debtor that gives a warning if a creditor is approaching for his money, because I doubt this app will be working bidirectional.


Looks like WeChat is as bad as Facebook etc for privacy, or maybe even much worse. Seems to be the root of this issue in the story


WTH this social ranking thing is turning out of control. This is so worrying for mankind’s future
Edit: Very interesting article about a concept of our future together with machines

Human beings will never stop seeking beauty, Zamyatin insists, because they are human. They will reject and destroy any attempt to reorder their desires according to the logic of machines.

A national or global surveillance network that uses beneficent algorithms to reshape human thoughts and actions in ways that elites believe to be just or beneficial to all mankind is hardly the road to a new Eden. It’s the road to a prison camp. The question now—as in previous such moments—is how long it will take before we admit that the riddle of human existence is not the answer to an equation.


Apparently, Binance is rewriting their backend in Rust…


@Future really enjoyed that article thanks.

Our inability to wrap our minds around a sweeping revolution in the way that information is gathered, analyzed, used, and controlled should scare us.

The question now—as in previous such moments—is how long it will take before we admit that the riddle of human existence is not the answer to an equation. It is something that we must each make for ourselves, continually, out of our own materials, in moments whose permanence is only a dream.


@JoeSmithJr wont be long until parsec is used by somebody else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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John Carmack is experimenting with Rust :smiley:


What underhanded actions?
And it is listed on a distributed exchange…

When Poloniex announced they would be doing KYC and anyone who did not submit info would not be allowed to trade and would be able to withdraw their coins. Well when the day came people were unable to withdraw their coins. Very bad indeed

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Ok. Yeah thats not acceptable.
But compared to most of the exchanges i found them pretty good.
They did things that upset me from time to time, but did alot better than many exchanges. (Like the many that just got “hacked” .