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when can we expect any news regarding new exchanges? Thought this was worked on for many months during 2018 with small success tbh.


We don’t have dates at the moment, some exchanges give plenty of notice and others have a policy of only letting you know when the actual listing has happened to avoid market manipulation. As soon as we can tell you we will.


Ok thanks for the answer @nicklambert


Interesting for sure. Memory intrigues me as I am not sure we do always remember. I feel we sort of work out what was the most likely thing that happened based on previously fired routes between neurons. Similar to how we can be tricked by optical illusions, our brain might fill in what it thinks is going to happen in the very near future and similarly supposes what did happen in the past. So a big probability machine :smiley: where the most likely thing to happen or has happened is what our brain makes up. Then using inference we see if it was right for things about to happen (is that a bird or a plane?) and in the case of memories perhaps just saying this is the most probable thing that did happen. It would explain the ability to make false memories a wee bit better. It also means we don’t store terabytes of mini home movies in our head :smiley: :smiley:

So yea very interesting indeed.


Very well put David. This fits my personal experience and explanation very well indeed. I also think there is a good deal of variation between humans in both function and interpretation, and differences in these areas can relate to qualities and abilities such as focus, persistence, creativity, learning ability and preferences, and mental health. Just random examples there.


I liked that part about red wood ants, where the young one goes with the old one to learn its path before the old one would die. That made me wonder if something analogous to that could be used to hand over responsibilities within a group or section before a node moves on to another. Probably not, but maybe those who understand the mechanisms more can get some ideas.



As we are getting closer to alpha Fleming the importance to reach more high volume exchanges increases. From experience a project that lost cryptopia as the main exchange and only had tradesatoshi, that project is almost dead, instead of 1-2 btc in trade volume they dropped to 0-300$ volume/day and the price did a negative 10-30x.

Hope that we can focus on large trade volume exchanges and that Bitrex international eco-system or similar can be achieved.


I dont use any dex presently. And know little about them.
Some were discussed in the pdc thread that led me to believe some contracts are not so safe, allowing the contract maker to possibly withdraw the tokens.
Is ether delta contract safe to use with that in mind, who controls the contract?
And is it an issue that the sec are involved with them, possibly.




Imagine if we would lose Poloniex than…


Yes we all can imagine, you’d likely have to start looking for another hobby.

Any somewhat competent investor/speculator knows that in Crypto total failure is a very real risk, in many ways an accepted and expected one. Not many whinge, whine and complain around here because they get that.

Here’s a nice little reality check, Exchanges delisting, listing or whatever, the market doesn’t improve this year, then yes, your staring at additional funding being needed to get us over the line. Ouch, does that make you panic? I’d expect it would…

Perhaps the market props back up, maybe Fleming gives the reserves a kick but then again maybe neither of those things happen.

No one can really control any of the above and how it all plays out so why bother worrying about it? That’s a genuine question, why? Do you need an early exit?

My end, I’m only concerned with this project being delivered and being delivered right. Peoples lives are actually going to depend on this. If it means VC money comes in at the end so be it.

Let Poloniex delist (yeah the crowd here won’t like this) and let this project stay the heck away from the real forces that can damage and kill it until it’s ready for Johnny Developer to really let loose on.

The attitudes now entrenched in humans (personal greed and a lack of humanity) are the real danger to this project not a token price or a lack of friggin funding.


I’m not too sure about ether delta personally, although @bzee mentioned in the PDC thread that the contract could be cancelled and/or the fees raised at any point.


The test run in Uganda must have been going well because Binance is getting into fiat for reals.



Some might call this poetic justice


@nicklambert you probably already know them, but just in case: https://dtr.org :slight_smile:

DTR is a non-profit research foundation based in Switzerland. We fund advances in technology, enabling scalable distributed trust systems.


I hadn’t heard of them Povilas, but thanks for sharing, I’ll check them out.


More woes for Ethereum


This is a pretty big deal, these things are literally everywhere. If it’s a full rollout, buying bitcoin will be on par with buying milk.


Woh! That’s friggan nuts!