What’s up today?


Thanks as ever for the heads up, I’ll take a look



This is a huge problem
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MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic
What’s up today?

Hmm, So I lost lot of money there, all I was buying last 3 months. Since now, there is now way how to buy MAID without KYC. That is really bad.

Edit: does anyone withdraw MAID from Cryptopia lately? I would like to check if they steal also MAID. For that I need to know their hot wallet address.


Sorry for everyone who got burnt here.

I’m glad to have moved away from there completely a while ago. I became very doubtful when they had begun delaying withdrawals, clearly for liquidity reasons, and gave people some outrageous BS. That’s when I realized they were crooked alright. I wouldn’t take their word for anything, ever.


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such surprise lmao :rofl:


Could be moment to increase volume on OpenLedger DEX.


Excellent thanks @povilasb yes that’s all that required at this stage to help keep the transport design at least open to the option for when (unfortunately) it becomes required for some user/regions. Be much harder to later redesign for pluggable transport support once the network is live.

Here is a previous post linking to some stats from around the globe: it is definitely a growing problem. Unfortunately ISP’s are increasingly just throttling any traffic they can’t recognise so the option to switch transports to one on the ISP’s “approved” list would be invaluable…


Is that one where someone has control over the contract.
And could possibly lock the coins away or withdraw them?
Like the ones discussed in the pdc thread.


Is It possible to create DEX on safenetwork?


I hope so.

For Safe based tokens, it should be quite easy.

Ideally a method will be developed to ‘lock up’ blockchain tokens / assets into proxy tokens on the Safe network, which could then be traded & withdrawn by whoever the owner is when required.

Creating & running ‘gateway nodes’ that enable this secure interchange between Blockchain’s & Safe based tokens would likely be a challenge. It would need to be flawless, but it would be very worthwhile if achieved.

I’m sure there’s been some chat about this, but I can’t find it from a quick search… perhaps a new topic would help if you want to discuss it more, as I guess this isn’t the right place?


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@nicklambert with Cryptopia potentially dropping off the scene, maybe you could approach tradesatoshi.com to see if you can list SAFE on it. They require a 1BTC request fee and is refunded if listing is rejected. They have other omni token coins and heard decent reports about them over the last year on another forum.


And supposedly based in the UK


@nicklambert we could consider also Blocknet as a valid option for listing Maid on its Dex called BlockDx.

Blocknet is a protocol that aims to accomplish blockchain’s interoperability. It’s called “the internet of blockchains” cause lets different blockchains communicate, interact and exchange one with another. It’s a healthy, not shilled and serious project and BlockDx is fully decentralised (not as others which just claim to be so).

Plus, listing on BlockDx is free. Just add a line of code and that’s it. Simple and free. I think it could be a valid option for Maid in order to get rid of shitty centralised exchanges.
Many coins and tokens are already listed, hope to find Maid too.
I hope you find it interesting: https://blocknet.co
• For getting listed on Blockdx here’s the link:
get listed onBlockDx


Interesting collection about how ants do what they do, with links to the original papers, including some from the writer herself who is also a researcher.

Fresh ideas for SAFE stuff that’s not yet finalized maybe?


Why is nobody trading on Openledger? Is something wrong there? Because we can add other dex exchanges, but I’m afraid it will suffer the same fate as Openledger, unless there is something fundamentally different on these new exchanges


As @nevel mentioned we have a small number of sell orders of openledger (admittedly these were not well maintained and I expect is part of the reason the orders were not taken up) which I have adjusted today in line with current market pricing. There is only a few hundred MAID on there, but if you guys want to use this DEx then you can let me know in this thread and I’ll put more MAID on there.

I would rather make sure there is sufficient trading demand for listing MAID on a DEx generally before adding another, I hope that makes sense.


Thanks Rob. We’ve been more focussed on adding bigger exchanges (increased awareness and liquidity) this past couple months, which, combined with the existing changes, and along with openledger, we’ll hopefully be providing sufficient options for those trading MAID.