What’s up today?


Very impressive presentation.


Very clear and professionally designed talk.
This marks a new standard. Good job marketing team and Pierre!


Any idea when you guys will try to upgrade parsec to make it fully asynchronous? After alpha 3? Or does it even need to be fully asynchronous for the live version?


There has been discussion about that topic in the past, I think you will find an answer in this topic: Parsec: discussion about Liveness proof


Ah oh thanks for that.





Nice “it’s a ball ache” (trying to hack data stored on SAFE). :laughing:


That video seems to be made in the period march-august this year (1 MAID = 32 cents).


Someone stole that video and posted it again on youtube. Happens a lot, also with Maidsafe vids.
Original was posted here New Youtube video about Maidsafe


Time travel hey :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Could be:

But more realistic: my internal calendar hasn’t adjusted to 2019 yet.



Sorry, but this sounds total bull. On so many levels.
Bitcoin and USD are no comparison and won’t be for long, if ever.
Also, 8% of Russian economy already crypto based?
What kind of madness is this…


It’s a strange story, that’s for sure. I certainly wouldn’t take it at face value. Maybe some sort of attempt to pump the market? Who knows?


Or it is a way how to see if there are some partners to trade with.


@krnelson this is not something we have planned for the nearest future, but it is definitely something to look into and keep in mind.

Currently we rely on encrypted data randomness and that you can’t identify that this is SAFE net traffic. Potentially there could be different scenarios, where only specific services are whitelisted, e.g. HTTP. In those cases tunneling data through different transports would save the day.

Anyway, if it’s feasible to have pluggable transports, depends on how restrictive ISP firewalls are around the globe. Which currently I don’t have the data in my hands for. So I’ll refrain myself from speculating any more :slight_smile:


I tend to think the same of most things published in msm to be honest.


You mean partners for Russia proper to trade with?
Cryptocurrencies are both illiquid and crazy volatile.
Not even institutional investors will touch them.
A nation state?


The project Safetrade which hijacked the Safecoin name last year claims they have been hacked. There are some wild discussions on their bitcointalk page and in their discord. Members are saying that they don’t think they will get their funds back, that the Safetrade team might be behind the attack, that the team insults and bans members which ask unconfortable questions. This might be very good for us and Maidsafe, hopefully it will open up further possibilities!

I noticed something was wrong when I looked up Saftrades Safecoin statistics and saw that their komodo-copy exchange didn’t have had any trade volume for several days.

@nicklambert this post might be of interest to you.