What’s up today?


Is the launch really postponed though? Till when? Can’t find much on that.


It seems that as major the issues might have been, they’ve been patched.


Phantasialand Discussion Thread - Page 136 - Theme Park Review






Surprise! :joy:


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That’s the addiction that people in Scotland have a problem with…


The next Irvine Welsh novel should be interesting


First book ICO :smiley: A token per page read man, it will be the next huuuugggeee thing. Going for a $456billion raise as it may also be in paperback :smiley: :smiley:


Hmm. The treatment doesn’t seem to be working. More rehab for you. Luckily it’s only £2,975 per week - I wonder if they accept BTC?


That caught my attention too. Until the sum came up, I was thinking something like, “oh, well, maybe, why not after all…”

Then I saw the price tag and I realized the rehab center very much wants to become a part of the crypto business with as much of its candy as one can get. It will be like, “…and for that void son, you were trying to compensate with all that relentless trading. Now that you’re cured, go back to trading so you can compensate for the cost of your successful treatment.”


In Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Italy you are/will be able to join a lawsuit in order to get at least 200 Euro’s ($230) from Facebook for your data:


Keep the money. I want to see Sheryl Sandberg in jail and Facebook liquidated.


Double that if you want a private room and not stay with 20 other addicts in a community room.

Sounds like you have to be successful at being a bitcoin trader addict in order to be cured. catch 22, if your successful then why would you want to go, spend that money on trips overseas, oh wait ummmm I’ll keep quiet now. :joy:

While facebook made a hell of a lot more than that from the misuse of their data.


I’d say this for the soft cap,

Don’t want to limit yourself :+1:

“Nothing will ever be as it was before once”



A comment about us in the second most important newspaper in Spain.