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Freedom House, meanwhile, suggests that between 20 million and 30 million in China - out of a population of more than 1.4 billion - got round the Great Firewall in 2018

That’s a lot of new income for the government since the fine is roughly 150$ :smiley:
Anyway, really interesting to see where this leads to cause my guess is that the Chinese government could easily make a new law that bans the use of say SAFE network which potentially could scare away users from China :confused:


Just speculation or huge?


I’d take that one with a large grain of smelling salts. If true and he somehow knew, then he’d be in trouble if they hadn’t already done it. That said, they are going hog-wild on alternatives… check out their gold reserves, investments in developing arable organic farmland with output going straight to china, etc.


If there is any government that goes all-in on cryptocurrency, it would be Russia :grinning:

It’s a good time to invest in BTC considering the bottomed-out price. And if Russia does this the market would boom - and the people who bought BTC at $20k a year ago may finally make their money back :smile:

Speculation, but fun anyway.


Or they already have their dough in and this is the attempt to cause a bull run to cash out their bacon.


If I understand it correctly, the current law would be sufficient:

He was prosecuted under a public security law introduced in 1997 that forbids access to the ‘foreign internet’ without permission.

While the law is more than 20 years old, it has rarely been enforced until now

It indeed all depends how a law is/could be enforced.
If thew now start with also fining individuals using a VPN, it will be an extra deterrant. But if the chances of being caught stay low and the fine isn’t too big, I doubt it will have a big effect.
Maybe they will introduce a new law to make it even more stricter or make the fine bigger. That is the easier part, but enforcing that law on a big scale not so.

And isn’t the SAFE Network designed to make it as difficult as possible to block it?


Maidsafe team, you never stop surprising us! This is super exciting! :tada: :partying_face: :clap:


I hope that first app after Alpha 3 will be some nice chat with some features.


No one will create good apps without real network


That’s the sort of news that gets me excited :grinning:


Steal a little, they throw you in jail; steal a lot and they make you a king." Bob Dylan


Ah yes, it’s telling that the party line is ‘crypto could enable criminals’, when the likes of HSBC literally had slots built into their branches to take boxes full of cash from cartels.


Fud? Who will maintain the computers?


And isn’t the SAFE Network designed to make it as difficult as possible to block it?

Yes and identify that this is SAFE traffic as well :slight_smile: So even if SAFE would be declared illegal, hopefully it will be hard to detect who’s using it.


Will it be feasible to drop this into Safe Network so it will a moving target to detect?






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Edit: Really nice presentation btw!