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They mention the cryptocurrency community, and he is positively minded about it, but recognizes that it’s not feasible at the moment.

The guy is a fierce free speech defender, and the outlook for digital economies in the light of what payment providers do, and are capable of doing, is something he will probably feel very strong for, as it is in direct connection with the ability of people to exercise free speech.

SAFENetwork is definitely something to his liking, if only a bit further in development stage, and brought to his attention - the distinct nature of this project - he would no doubt spend time getting to know it, and spread the word about it.


PANE is a prototype live, functional programming environment built around data-visibility. In PANE, all intermediate values are visible by default, and you construct a program by acting on these concrete values.



I’m not sure it’s about picking sides as much as being powerless against a nation state scale bully (that, by the way, has been actively supported by the US while disregarding all the glaring human rights violations it’s rulers have been committing).

Of course they could’ve just left the country altogether, which might have been both the right and the wise thing to do. No person caring about morality should do anything with that pit of hell.


I don’t know if this belongs here but I found it interesting. It’s about crazy ideas like that society should take back the control from corporations and such.

A few fun quotes:

America’s in it’s own category of country — a rich one of poor people, a powerful one of powerless people, a wealthy nation of broke people.

Before there are billionaires — a society should have no children living in abject poverty. No starving mothers. Nobody — not a single person — choosing between chemotherapy and the mortgage.

A “rich” society full of impoverished kids and a handful of billionaires isn’t really a rich one — it’s a poor one.

America feels like the Wild West — can’t afford a a doctor? So sorry, now you die — because it’s never outgrown that mentality.

… predatory capitalism itself was an extreme ideology — it said we don’t need any governance, of any kind, ever, whatsoever. Just get out of the way, and let the market do it’s job! it will self-regulate! LOL — it didn’t.



No SAFE this time but Solid gets a mention.


There was too much political rhetoric in that article for me to finish reading it but I did agree with a few of those quotes. There is a shocking statistic floating around about a large percentage (don’t remember the number) of Americans living paycheck to paycheck. This is like living in poverty, in my view. Whether “predatory capitalism” (the quote actually defines laissez-faire capitalism) is the cause is arguable.


Well, given the state and its government facilitates and enforces incorporation, this should be simple. Let’s never confuse incorporation and its legal identity and powers with anything like freedom of association. To attack free markets under this scenario is a straw man argument.

I agree this is probably one for an off topic thread though.




Etherium … The coin that jumped from under $1.00 to over $300 in a short space of time… roll back attack.

This shouldn’t happen with a crypto currency.

When SAFENet launches, we are going to see some serious financial gain.


Btw I think the article refers to ethereum classic, not ethereum



Only if it’s divisible.


Fairly sure your right there, or the would just fix it like the dao.


This is interesting



You’ve seen this story in the press recently.
Now imagine how SAFEnetwork will change the world once people have security and anonymity.
Technology changes lives.

‘Twitter changed the game against what he wished for me’: Saudi who fled to Bangkok reveals video ‘showing Kingdom official saying Thailand should have taken her phone’ after social media saved her


I can’t see why safecoin would not be. It has always been in the plan to implement this.


If cryptokitties boomed though it was shitty, I think this will be epic. Seems it’s having quite relevance on twitter. This will be funny