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Of Interest: Nexus blockchain leveraging Locator ID Separation Protocol (LISP) as a stepping stone to IPv6 multicasting as a part of it’s scaling solution:

Locator ID Separation Protocol (LISP):



Python has a new governance model, partially copied from Django.
No experience with that Python web framework. But it is named after a seemingly cool person.





A 2010 article by Fox News defining Wikileaks as a terrorist organisation lol


Time to restart my signal push in my group of friends. Can’t wait for safe to be pervasive so we can use safe messenger.




Must watch for app developers:



Again for developers, this blog by Ruben Verborgh explains what’s special about Linked Data and how working with it can be made easy and fun without dumbing it down in the way more traditional Web APIs tend to do (ie instead of returning flattened JSON objects, provide proxy JSON objects which query the whole Web when you access their properties, eg using LDflex).

Really good stuff:


35th Chaos Communication Congress, 27 Dec - 30 Dec, Leipzig, Germany. Streaming tonight:

Lecture: A Blockchain Picture Book

Blockchain origins and related buzzwords, described in pictures.

Where is the blockchain, how long is it, and what does it have to do with cryptography? And is it really something completely new? I spent a lot of time in pubs explaining to people what this blockchain hype is all about. It turns out that the best way to do that is to use images - literally.

The idea behind this talk is to give you a rough understanding of the scientific background behind the Blockchain technology.

We make a short excursion into the field of distributed computing where we gain a rough understanding of the origins behind this technology - in a most abstract way.

We explore how different kinds of Blockchains are formed and what kind of properties we may achieve - good as well as the bad ones.

Be warned: This is not meant as investment advice. The goal of the talk is to give you an actual basic understanding of the topic so you can teach your uninformed friends at the pub, too.

Nearly 16,000 visitors, moderators in between presentations:

Drink your water, wash your hands. Also if you find overflowing bottle-drop-off points there’s information on how to report them right at the bottle-drop-off points.




Just gonna leave this zoomable UI here…


Getting dizzy just by looking at it :dizzy_face:


:nauseated_face: I don’t think I could use that! :rofl:

It is very cool though. Maybe you just get used to the sickness!

Edit: VR with gloves could actually be very minority report like!


Happy new year to all you super ants.



Netflix has picked a side.



This is actually great. Zooming in and out instead of opening/closing.

Have you heard of SOLU? It was an unsuccessful Finnish startup and attempt at building a pocket computer with cloud-only OS and principally somewhat similar UI.


Dr. Jordan Peterson is leaving Patreon and talking that people need to realize what internet they want to use.