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8750+ Token pairs :rofl: (mission impossible on every existing exchanges + this number grows exponentially)

With atomic swaps exchanges won’t even be needed anymore.



Don’t get me wrong, I do hope it’s going to work. I just don’t believe that something complex like the entire freaking exchange market can be solved with such a naive approach in a robust way.

Again, until it gets boring, they need a randomly selected constant for each tokens for it to work, and nobody explains how this magic number leads to correct behavior.

A need (many token pairs) and a problem (exchanges can’t handle that) does not mean this (or any other) approach leads to a correct solution.


There are 1000+ tokens on Ethereum they could all join the Bancor network and this would completely automate everything. Just convert one token for another, things are as complex as you make them (exchange fees, kyc/aml, order matching, account freeze etc).

I praise Bancor, because they gave me an idea of what todo on the SAFE Network when it comes to token conversion.


Lol Robinhood is great except the part where they sell your trades to HFT firms who can then frontrun you. “We’re 100% committed to making sure … our customers have a great experience.” It’s a lot less about you (the product) than about their actual customers. Not very surprised they can offer a 3% checking account.

That’s a lovely picture (no irony) but automation itself doesn’t guarantee a correct solution.

Exactly because of its being fully automated and so broad, if one figured out to game it (e.g. by inducing a feedback through a loop) thousands of tokens could be bled dry potentially.

Remember the DAO? It was about a small overlook about the order of verifying something, if I remember correctly. And it wasn’t a system with such complex dynamics as an exchange network, where even correct code could lead to unintended behavior.

Bancor is used for awesome things that provide much value, for example by the Grassroot Economics folks, and I’m honestly worried that many people from vulnerable groups would be affected by an exploit.



I think social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin can be very powerful in spreading the word and work that Maidsafe si doing. I only see 11 followers on our Linkedin page. This is sad. There are so many crypto projects that are pushing content there. Could be a great opportunity missed. Specially in hiring talent.



There are a few more followers (753) on our LinkedIn page but only 11 within the LinkedIn discussion group. Although we continue to put out a decent amount of fresh content on our LinkedIn page we don’t focus on the group, putting our time into longer tail discussions on this forum instead.



“… scary AI” – not a bit leading, noooooo



Founded by Elon Musk, SpaceX is reportedly planning to use the new cash to build its massive satellite internet project, called Starlink.


While we are talking Elon… Live stream at 8pm Pacific Time



Pretty amazing yeah but can’t understand while they built and sold flamethrowers to public :joy:




I have long thought that many crypto projects are solutions looking for problems. It is what put me off investing in the Ethereum ICO instead of SAFENetwork. Maybe not the best decision I have ever made in the short term, but in the long term, I think SAFENetwork makes the most sense of any crypto project.


I always thought most crypto projects are money making schemes disguised as solutions looking for problems, but maybe I’m just more cynical than you.


That article made an important point. Crypto will get adopted when somebody with a lot of money comes up with an application that will be not only directly useful to the everyday person but also without any perceivable friction. I mean, why would anybody want to figure out MetaMask just to buy a CryptoKitty that she can’t do anything with?


What - introduce porn to the project. :joy:

I agree, it seemed so obvious for many including ETH

Weren’t they always this? Except maybe the test case (BTC)

Seems like the safenetwork will without the person with a lot of money (10’s of millions) and if things go as planned it’ll do it without the friction.