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Very good article - thanks for the link!

I am a big believer in getting something decent out before shouting about it from the roof tops.


He should make some apps for SAFEnetwork


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Thanks, everyone. I’m going on hiatus for 2019 starting now, but I’ll be lurking! Onward to Beta! #BeBest :flight_departure:


Knowing what customers want is key. Not just assuming what we think they need. This should also apply when driving adoption i guess


German bitcoin bank account anyone?




Hacker News front page article about ants thread:

Once again strengthening the analogy between SAFE and ant colonies! :smiley:



Isn’t that another example of how bad mass surveillance has become? Why were we supposed to be aware of all existing penguins colonies in the whole planet in the first place? :smile:


Just a thought…

I think this type of videos could be really useful for our project, cause it remind our hopes, our feelings, our discoveries and so our own identity. We are what we look for and we grow on our own inspirations by searching. That’s why searches are so relevant. They take our past to model our future .

But since we live in a world where “time goes so fast”, people tend to “distract”. We’re submerged by huge amount of information which are constantly circulating in our society. We want to know more but we finish to know less and bad. Quantity is not quality and usually we tend to forget it.
Imho sometimes quality is about staying for a moment and thinking about our values, our beliefs and our hopes. And we don’t need to look that far. Just search into our past.

This type of videos helps to think about what we are and where we’re going. I like it though i think that could be a sort of inspiration source for SafeNetwork. How? It could tell the other side of our history, the one that was not mentioned and which walks down our past-searches about security, privacy and justice related concerns.
Thinking about Assange, Snowden, Khashoggi and many others…
We could make a video like this at launch to remind to people how much our data’s value influenced our society and how much it will do in our next future.


I think there’s a need for collective faith among humans, a desire to believe we know because not knowing is scary. This acts like a kind of arrogance that we know more than we do.

As individuals we are prone to the same thing so it isn’t surprising to find it also as a collective delusion.

Sometimes we get stunning examples such as the Penguin colony above, which are an opportunity for us to recalibrate, and recognise we don’t know as much as we like to believe. It helps by adding humility and doubt to our world view. There’s too much certainty around IMO, and it can lead us astray and be dangerous.

Here’s an even more stunning example from this week to wake us up even further. I think this one was predictable (or at least the possibility was mootable, which may have led to the discovery), but how many people even imagined it, except perhaps visionaries like H. G. Wells?!

The discovery of a subterranean ecosystem bigger than that in the oceans, has an enormous potential to change our world view if we let it sink in and consider how it might cause us to reassess things. Things like the origin and nature of life on this planet and in the universe.

The forms of life discovered deep underground, the conditions they thrive in and their longevity, all challenge common ideas about life. And the enormous size of this biomass means we can’t ignore it. Enjoy:


I find smart people are more prone to this in general too. They believe they are smart and know how everything works and what is best for everyone else. However, it takes real wisdom to step back and realise that you cannot possibly know how everything works and how everyone should behave.

Distributed systems discourage such people from acting on their instincts to manipulate and control others. They may continue to tell everyone they are wrong, but who cares when it is futile, right?

We have lived through a time of tremendous progress and some have become intoxicated and deluded by it. It wasn’t all that long ago that some science was considered blasphemy. There is a chance that the current period of centralised control is also coming to an end to.

@dugcampbell referred to a growing desire for people to take sovereignty again in yesterday’s podcast*. I don’t think this stops at digital sovereignty and it is growing in appeal. I hope to see an era where there is more freedom to associate with others, on our own terms.


Makes you wonder about what is under the moons surface or those dead asteroids we see :slight_smile: Life is amazing. We know less about what is in a lump of dirt than we do about the moons surface or the ocean floor, yet we think we know so much more than we do. We are less than infants in nature, I think for hundreds more generations we still will be, but we will think we are the alpha species :slight_smile: Oh what fun nature must have with us all :smiley: :smiley:



Maybe thats why infants all want to eat dirt. They are starting their learning at the base level :joy:

Actually they do it instinctively to train their immune system



Or to stimulate and engage their developing sense of taste. Curiosity that can kill a little cat. :yum:


My sons saves 600 and tell me buy maidsafecoins for him. I guess all the times i spoke about the project to people they were paying attn :blush: