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You’re way before the trend with the yellow in your profile picture :slight_smile:
The yellow vests are a good choice, because a fluo safety vest (often yellow) is required in your car in France. If not: a fine up to 750 Euro’s. So If you’re going to a protest with your car, they can’t sent you back, because you’ve a fluo safety vest in your car… You’re also obliged to carry a single-use alcohol breathalyser, but you can’t be penalised for not carrying one.


This is interesting. Using tech not to mine people’s data but to troll/compete with the competition…though surely the app steals your data, right?
Can’t wait for the 1 Irvine Whopper!


Hmmm look at this early :christmas_tree: :gift:


Written/updated by Galobtter. I wonder if they are a community member or just know/like the project? Great stuff either way!


That PARSEC link is goes to the wrong place…


An interesting discuss over there…


Good spot - the operating systems are missing Linux too. Perhaps someone with editing rights can change it.


Wouldn’t say it is written in Java and C#, those are just some available bindings, so that could be edited as well (i.e. leaving Rust only there).

SAFE Network article in Wikipedia

Interesting discussion on Dartlang @happybeing . My understanding is that going forward it is preferable to have just one VM running in the browser, and that VM should probably be the standards based Web Assembly (WASM) vs running say Dart VM + WASM VM. Not sure if you can yet target WASM when compiling Dart but imagine that will be a thing as WASM matures. Rust targeting WASM might be the preferable alternative for Safe in the short term however.


Good points Keith @krnelson

Many options are good. I think which is best depends on lots of factors, and in my case that is usually what interests me most at the time! :wink:


Looks like somebody provided the fix! Would be great to see this built out :slightly_smiling_face: Looks like the page could be expanded to explain the network in great detail by adding a ‘Technical Design’ section much like Freenet has. Just a suggestion to anyone with editing chops or fundamental understand of the network, @mav @neo
Unless it’s too early for that.

Sites that mention the SAFE Network and should link.

Sites that are currently linked

I think there are many more sites that should mention SAFE too which might be nice to compile a list of.



@anon63178599 there is some political stuff in it.



Thanks for the trigger warning!
It’s about censoring one thing: psychoactive political memes that wake people up from the matrix.
Putin explained what’s at stake in 2013 at the Valdai Club.


Some interesting thoughts on the hurdles to dApp adoption.

Saying because it is ‘decentralised’ or that it uses cryptocurrency (which they may not have any interest in) is simply not enough.


I have to post this pic from the article for those who don’t read it. Too good to miss. Thousand words and all that.


This is actually genius. Which article is it?


JPL’s post above the picture :slightly_smiling_face:


LOL 20 characters. Twenty chars.