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Well, by definition a classified technology would work in a way most don’t yet understand. There’s the fact that the 11/11 date for a global wave was predicted months ago and also this:
Think WAVES.
Define ‘unified’
SAT knockout forced new CLAS tech [online] by who?
[Controlled] moment activated? [17]
Do you believe in coincidences?

For most people, this is way further into the realm of “conspiracy” than their willing to explore.


It’s a hard mathematical limitation posed by the frequency of the signal, something we completely understand. Classified technology can’t rewrite fundamental truth about numbers.


Well, then I’m sure you understand there’s no way to go over the Shannon limit, classified tech or not. Once something’s proven it’s proven forever exactly because it’s not physics but mathematics.


Is it proven that there was a magma chamber collapse? Is it proven that it wasn’t some kind of man-made signal? Classified communications tech exists. Lack of human understanding exists. Things we think are impossible now will be possible in the future. Maybe in this case, the specific aspect of a low frequency signal doesn’t lend itself to a communications channel, but does that make it a magma chamber collapse? Where’s the science? Where’s the openness to looking at data, other possibilities, even a false flag that is a coordinated media push? So many routes to explore, yet so much scientism.


a) Nope, though unlikely. Woulda needed too much energy.

b) Sure thing. However, this particular signal would’ve been utterly useless for that purpose.

c) Until something is mathematically proven, after which we know it is true. In this case, the frequency of the signal puts such a low limit on the information that can be reliably transmitted that… read point b)

d) Unless they are mathematically proven to be impossible. Again, the Shannon limit isn’t a physical limitation, it’s a mathematical one, and we’ve know about it for 50+ years.

I’m not arguing about the magma chamber thing, by the way. That site / channel is a bit sensationalist to me and I’m not exactly confident about how reliable they are.



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Now this is a good piece of news. The most legit group of architects and engineers (aka conspiracy theorists to some) are finally getting their day in court to present the nanothermite case. I wonder who helped remove the roadblock…maybe someone that knows a little something about NYC buildings?


Just got an e-mail that I was affected by this… Another wouldn’t have happened if I controlled my own data.


Absolutely, hurry up safenetwork. Looking forward to this type of shit not happening ever again.


Pretty wild that this is likely to get passed. Protecting people? National security? Lol.


Yea like the data retention laws were specifically to not target journalists with supposed protections for them. But the journalists were the first group to have data retention used against them.

These new laws will see the journalists and others who embarrass the government targetted. And government ministers will continue to use wickr or wire which this law cannot target since there is no one in Australia to compel or fine

Under the terms of the deal, law enforcement agencies will not be able to issue technical capability notices for companies to build back doors unless both the attorney general and communications minister approve.

Yea as if they wouldn’t agree to anything the government wants. Backdoors here we come for all australian presence companies. EG Google, Apple, and many others.

SAFE couldn’t come fast enough.


This guy on the video has a favorite project, among 3, his second one is SafeNetwork! He only forgets that a project based on blockchains like bitcoin, has a heavy burden on electricity and the environment whilst Maidsafe will be much greener and faster!


Is that what we’re calling them these days?


Australia not USA. Maybe not the quality of 30 years ago, but we still have investigative journalists in Australia who do uncover serious Government crime. Well maybe that will be gone soon with these laws.


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Many Twitter users couldn’t resist noting that Mr. Giuliani, who spent 16 years as a security consultant, was originally brought into the Trump administration as a cybersecurity adviser. (He certainly has more digital know-how than Japan’s cybersecurity chief, who recently admitted that he doesn’t use computers.)


Sometimes I wonder if there’s an overdose warning on the red pill bottle or if people are just popping them like candy these days?



No offense but I don’t speak in internet memes or gifs. I’m not singling anyone out here especially because everyone is as welcome here and to their own opinion just as much as anyone else.

My (possibly uniformed) opinion is that the fringe puts as much weight into alternative media as the masses do with corporate media. Which to me seems foolish as if someone like Alex Jones has nothing to gain from spewing nonsense. He sells supplements that play off of the fear mongering he does. The NRA does it too with guns. “Oh no the dems will take your guns!!!” Cha-Ching! Money in the bank, repeat. I am fine with guns by the way, shoot them all the time. Also doesn’t mean every unstable Tom, Dick, and Sally should have one.

People are addicted to uncovering some “unknown truth” (conspiracy theories) or thinking they live in much more significance than any other time in history. People on the internet are full of sh*t and have no credentials or accountability. Why would I believe what some internet rando says as much as I should believe what the corporate news media are pedaling to gain the red or blue teams veiwership? The internet has its perks but the echo chambers, tribalism, etc need addressing imo.