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Not sure this is where this should be posted, but this is why the marketing needs to continue in a very positive direction because somehow these guys have a CNBC article with a product that will accomplish 5% of what the Safe Network eventually will.

SAFE Network in Ralph Breaks the Internet!

“A picture is worth many sentences.”


Airbnb of computer and laptop hardisks.

That’s a good line to use for this project.

I will be using that as a first line when talking to new people.


Setting the stage…

“We should anticipate that criminals will deploy smarter, adaptive malware capable of thwarting existing defenses. They will use impenetrable communications platforms that defeat our ability to detect and prevent crimes.”

“In the near future, we will need to come to terms with “deep fake” videos, which will challenge our confidence that we can rely even on what we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears.”


Technocracy is Fascism is Socialism is Communism is…

“Alibaba and Jack Ma are to China what Google and Eric Schmidt are to the U.S. Both are billionaires, both push dystopia cities and both are closely tied to their government. Note that Schmidt was appointed head of a Pentagon committee designed to integrate Silicon Valley into the intelligence services.”

Didn’t Eric Schmidt step down last year the day after that the Executive Order on Human Trafficking was signed? Probably just a coincidence…

In other news:


More press on SAFE in Ralph Breaks The Internet.


same article, different site.


That is a pretty terrible article, mind. Facts are all over the place!


SAFE Network gets a mention at 4:33 - the info is a bit out of date but I’ve seen worse…


Why It’s bad for safe?


From reddit:

Copay appears to have over 1400 transitive dependencies, including many trivial ‘oneliners’, every one of them is a ripe piece of attack surface.

“treating libraries like Linux packages” thing with npm, pip, cargo, etc. is very convenient for devs, but unbelievably insecure. Nobody checks these packages before they’re published to begin with, and updates are usually allowed to happen automatically, so you’re basically giving random people a backdoor into the software you’re running/publishing.


Because safe was planning on using it to help crust connect. The more bad press it gets, the more likely it will start having routers ship with it turned off by default.


The parts are accurate…is the whole? Clearly biased but interesting thoughts about PKI and other little known facts about internet politics…and a heavy dose of theory. Still, worth a read.


No need for conspiracy theories:

(The CA model is broken)


Nice, 17.


Nice list! Best 4 last.



This archipelago is one of the great trafficking centers of the world. So, why is it at the center of what (according to the word on the street) is the activation of some classified long-range, low-energy communications technology? Someone seems to be releasing the secret technology Kraken. Infrastructure is so much easier and cheaper when the world itself is included among the possible mediums instead of these ridiculously high no-bid government contracts. Maybe we won’t need 5G if someone’s already figured out low-energy gravity wave communication…


Still strange?


The street is full of idiots. That wave had sub-Hz frequencies so you could transmit something like a whopping 0.1 bits/second when the weather is nice.