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  1. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig:


  1. Will this fuel the next round of crypto mania? If one thing has proven true,it is that over time people seem to quickly forget the painful lessons of the past (Mt. Gox —> USDT —> Combined Stablecoin) :woman_shrugging:t5:


From the article:
“Only DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, DHCP, DHCPv6, and ICMPv6 services should be available on the LAN and WiFi interface.”

I really don’t know this stuff and I guess I’m just generally skeptical when it comes to governments’ intentions. But could this have any negative implications for P2P or SAFE protocols?


I don’t seen anything specified about UPnP (remember the Crust test…). Maybe that is irrelevant in this context? Or implicitly viewed as a bad practice to allow that with the default configuration?
Of course another question is the intention and the impact of such governmental guidelines, but that’s also mentioned in the article.


Only someone without a clue would suggest this. They cut off all sort of things.

email via smtp, time services via ntp, microsoft updates using bittorent, multiplayer gaming, and so many other services. Streaming (netflix) too would be gone.

In any case SAFE will be able to run of the http(s) port and seem like https to any home router.


M$ is using BT for updates? kool (like in the “Kool Desktop Environment”)
They would also kill telephones (SIP, RTC …) and WebRTC.



If you have windows 10 then there is an option in the update settings to not use Microsoft servers but to grab updates from others and that is via BT. Some games my kids used to play used BT to do their updates too.


Jillian Assange… Let his cat go free.

Strange case…

He’s been self imprisoned for best part of a decade.

Originally had sex crimes claim against him.

It was denied that these aligations where a tool to get him eventually extradited to the US.

Sex crimes claims where dropped against him.

Now… it seems the US is making no secret of wanting to extradite him and could be working with equador on a deal!

Why all the lies? Look at the lengths the powers that be would go to to get you.

SAFENet came too late for whistle blowers.

Edit:. How long before we see SAFENet at the following website? https://prism-break.org/en/


When you’ve got a deadman’s switch hanging over many of the world’s elite like the Sword of Damacles, maybe things aren’t as they seem. The world would be ripping their garments apart if they understood what’s in those files and what’s truly at stake.

Wouldn’t it be funny if it turned out that Assange left the embassy months ago?


Hey guys, just found this new browser. It’s called Cake browser and is a new concept transforming the current browsers’ structure and function.
I think it’s so cool both by design and utility. Maybe in the next future we could see a browser like this. Could be an idea for Safe when showing search-results on mobiles.
Could be interesting for a discussion, let me know what you think about


What the hell, ISP putting spywares in users’ internet connections??


CCN covers SAFE Network references in wreck it Ralph breaks the internet.


SAFE Network in Ralph Breaks the Internet!


Quite a few forecasts for next 4 years.

Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Trends, 2017–2022



Isn’t a centralised blockchain a bit pointless? You may as well just have a database.


I haven’t seen a good explanation myself why a blockchain for a centralized append only db would have more pro’s than contra’s compared to other ways to realize this. At least Amazon explicitly says db and goes full centralized instead of halfway between centralized and decentralized.


So, now their feeding on their own?


Bad news for safe using UPnP. Second discovery in as many weeks of it being used for nefarious purposes.