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I’m sure Newt is a great asset to SAFE, what with his views on surveillance and censorship and all.



Do you know about the Awan case? Newt is just the messenger. Don’t miss the forest for the trees.


I guess there’s a chance they could come after Maidsafe or exchanges with MaidSafeCoin at some point.


Interesting video from @whiteoutmashups :slight_smile: Very good job Will!


This technothriller was published a couple weeks ago. It’s about someone developing something very similar to the SAFE Network, giving users privacy and ownership over their own data. The government tasks a secret agency with preventing it from being launched at all cost. Just started reading it, seems fun. It’s part 2 of a series, the first part was about a social network rather than decentralised internet, but many characters and background story comes from book 1.



SAFE Drive news: looking good! :slight_smile:


Mighty fine work @happybeing ! Everything works. 337 PUTs very well spent.



Marketshare firesale!


Something autonomous will be a hard competition to them! They are big but Goliath fell…




Be careful buying through 3rd parties.


Wow, predictive police, that’s interesting


Related image



“The social media giant was serving as a modern-day slave market.”

This snowball is just going to get bigger and bigger as the indictments roll out on human trafficking, pedophilia, and God knows what else these people have done on the internet.
The following article is a big more edgy, but this is the same type of thing that people said before about slave trade on Facebook, pedophilia at Oxfam, or the couch culture of Hollywood…until it all came true. I’ll leave the dot-connecting for another day…

So, here is the question: how do we effectively police a decentralized internet? It seems that these types of things could flourish even more while also making it harder to police.


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