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Thoughts on importance of some ability to do KYC and AML.
Is complete anonymity too risky?


Found on Insta, of all places.

Such a solid history in MaidSafe. Long term giant and pioneer of the space, that continues to be a powerhouse


So if the trend continues, were back in top 10 next year!


Would be nice with a B instead of M for it’s market cap


I didn’t realize Maidsafe were so optimistic regarding the time frame for e.g. vaults from home in 2014.



This topic is depressing. Another frown face link:


If only the Brits had one of these:



We have the Magna carta.
Since it was technically breached when we signned over powers.
Were called to stand in revolt, not pay taxes etc.



This is not a drill!



The EU is going to end up making Youtube and competitors too legally restricted to run profitably. They may end up killing Youtube with regulations, which would make SAFE a pretty sweet alternative for people who want to host videos.


Of interest (perhaps): The QUIC UDP transport protocol.


They will just pull out of the EU or only provide a safe subset of videos, censoring the rest. Who loses out? Everyone.

It is just another dumb law from the EU. Dwelling within the UK, I hope post brexit they reject this nonsense here.

I am certain there must be intense lobbying by powerful interests at play. This, along with the EU ruling about taking broadband subscribers to court if their line has been used to copy copyright material, both stink. They are feeding corporate greed at the expense of individual censorship and the right to be innocent until proven guilty.

It is high time that full, anonymous decentralisation of data put the power back in the hands of the individuals. The EU has proven incapable of doing this; quite the reverse in many cases.




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