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@dugcampbell at 10:26 in the Talking Cryptocurrency Podcast I believe what the interviewer was asking was whether sites or content on SAFE can be dynamic as in, sites that have animations, moving bits, basically the fancy sites we see today, compared to a static site like Wikipedia where all the content and links sit statically on the page. SAFE’s DOM API allows for dynamic content. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s asking.

Either way, great interview. I liked that you dug into how the apps are mostly just windows to view the data. I wonder if there is a good analogy there for how, as the user, you control what filters the window (app) has to mutate the landscape (data) behind the window.


Thanks @Nigel - no worries, you’re bang on, the question seems very obvious now to me! Alas, it was a bit of a nightmare podcast to record (no slight on the interviewer whatsoever I have to say) - had my signal dropping a few times during the call, missed the questions a couple of times, stumbled a bit over a couple of explanations and overall not my finest performance! :no_mouth: Ah well, practice makes perfect :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback, really useful :+1:


@dugcampbell Good attitude Dug! They can’t all be zingers, eh? Haha. I’ve had my share of stumbles too. We all have. Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


You covered the overview very well of all different parts. When mentioning Safecoin I think it is of critical importance that you also mention that right now only maidsafecoin exist. If anyone google Safecoin the first 2 results points to that other Komodo copy project which is right now selling their Safecoins on their komodo copy safe-exchange. If anyone search for Safecoin on youtube than almost all results are for that komodo copy project (safe-exchange).


I will say it though :grin:
The hosts delivery was almost robotic it made me tense I can’t imagine having a nice fluid easy conversation with the guy.
Basically practice makes perfect applies to the host here more than you in my opinion.


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If the content wasn’t so spot on, even funny at times, the millennial aura of that whole skit would have sent me vomiting to the bathroom. Hopefully, it serves as a good deliverable for naive liberal young adults who blindly and ignorantly exchange their republic for the ease of tech feudalism. I’d like to see a brave soul take it a step beyond anti-trust to the real crimes of collusion with the CIA to commit sedition and treason. That might take a man with an army behind him though…:wink:

Imagine AWS’ servers competing as SAFE Network nodes…Oh, what dreams may come.




A post was merged into an existing topic: Are Erasure Codes (Storj) better than Replication for the SAFE network?


More explicit suggestions about implicit misdeeds…


What the…


… You made this awesome thing. Then you sold it. Then it was used for bad. We’re going to fine you.

Did I read that right? Is this real? That’s insane.


Thanks for your analysis Neo.

I hold 4 bags: MAID,ELA,NEO&WPR. My level of understanding of the use-case for each is from right to left. Meaning I understand least how MAID will achieve adoption. An Elastos TV box and transferable IP rights are real-world applications I can imagine my parents using one day.

Can you give me some examples of how MAID becomes mainstream?


The SAFE network will have from the outside the features of the current internet without the need for individual servers which companies control. On the inside SAFE provides this in a autonomous, secure, encrypted, anonymous way with the users owning their data rather than an organisation. The sites are run on the users computers which reduces the changes of data capture by the companies, they don’t even know you used the APP. Basically what you can do now on the internet you will be able to do on the SAFE network with security, anonymity etc.

The bigger picture can be found in many posts on the forum here. Just like the internet did, SAFE will be providing the simple backbone that others will build their applications on.


Yes indeed, and so much more! Not to mention the fact that it will provide a super cheap way, for companies wanting to compete with the giants, to set up their own SafeBook, without the cost of running giant warehouses filled with servers. All you need is an app, and a little safecoin to get started. This means, the Safe net opens up the internet once more for you and me to compete, and new markets get filled blindingly fast. Oh it will grow! Cheers


In the Web 2.0 users have been able to create content. In the Web 3.0 (SAFE Network) users will be able to own part of the infrastructure and benefit from it. Now you are sharing torrents for free, with the SAFE network you will be being paid for this…

With a blockchain you have an eternal accounting book, with the SAFE network the information itself is forever stored…

This changes the game in a MASSIVE way!



It’s good to hear passionate believers. ‘Build it and they will come’? I hope so, not because i’m a holder but because great tech is to be celebrated. I wish MAIDSAFE every success.


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