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If they understand what’s coming, they’ll admit they’ve already lost and turn themselves in.


Who are the fascists again?


I’d like to quietly point out “fascist” is a rather specific term; you may want to check what it means before throwing it around so carelessly.


I used it precisely in the context in which it has been carelessly thrown around for the last 2.5 years or so by so many others. It’s supposed to reveal the hypocrisy of the name-calling, not confirm or deny a precise definition. You missed the irony and the overall point of the post: tech workers live in an ideological monoculture of false diversity and they’ve colluded with progressive politicians. Ridicule and satire through memetics is, among other things, destroying their paradigm. Moreover, memes specifically bypass A.I. filters, so…all the censorship won’t work. People are waking up.


It seems clear to me that he’s using it in it’s original intent, which would now perhaps be called corportatism. I understood it that way, since that’s what it’s meant most of my life. It is not a word that is really useful anymore, since nobody actually agrees on it’s meaning lately, but that hasn’t stopped certain groups from shouting it constantly, and those groups tend to vote democrat in the USA.


Social network MeWe plan to adopt Solid confirmed by Tim:


Browser history attacks affect most modern browsers (some have been fixed).

Things like this should be protected against at all costs. Especially when something like identity switching is a click away in the safe browser.




This made me laugh (out loud). Which kind are you?

MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic

SAFE and Solid: the internet as it should be by @pierrechevalier83, very interesting reading!



Vlad Zamfir from the ethereum fundation released their latest paper on the Casper CBC familly of consensus protocols: https://github.com/cbc-casper/cbc-casper-paper/blob/master/cbc-casper-paper-draft.pdf


Open Secure-K OS a live USB operating system with kernel update functionality. They open sourced this technology (liveng) recently.



From the CBC Casper paper. “Work on liveness, validator strategies for making consensus messages, and for preventing denial of service attacks is ongoing. Furthermore, work of parametrizing penalties and rewards for security-deposit based proof-of-stake is in relatively early stages.“

As cool as it is, SAFE has already got secure message relay, sharding (disjoint sections), and Sybil resistance fleshed out and coded up. Not to mention (as far as I understand it) PARSEC has much less overhead than Nakamoto consensus since PARSEC is gossip based. DAG yo :sunglasses:
Maidsafe should be proud.




Talking Cryptocurrency Podcast - Dug Campbell





ft.com, Monday, 5 November 2018:

Facebook and Google sign up to Tim Berners-Lee ‘contract’

Facebook and Google have signed up to new internet standards designed by world wide web founder Tim Berners-Lee, who said just last week that the companies may have to be broken up to reduce their dominance.

The “contract for the web” will require internet companies to respect data privacy and “support the best in humanity”, after a year in which they have faced unprecedented criticism for data privacy scandals and the spread of fake news, hate speech and online abuse.

“Those of us who are online are seeing our rights and freedoms threatened,” Sir Tim will say at the Web Summit tech conference in Lisbon on Monday evening. “We need a new contract for the web, with clear and tough responsibilities for those who have the power to make it better.

”Nearly 60 companies, governments and business leaders have signed up to the contract, including Facebook, Google, the French government and billionaire Richard Branson. Amazon, one of the “huge companies” named in a report published alongside the contract, has not signed up.

Link: Principles for a Contract for the Web


First cross blockchain dex