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Love how that butthurt NPC SJW just repeats his 4am talking points. Maybe he should wake up and do his homework before regurgitating falsified studies. F’ing Cultural Marxists are the least self-critical people on the planet. So dumb. Much butthurt. Very victim.



Linux Weekly News has an article about Solid - with several critical points, one of which being the lack of encryption (which coupling with SAFEnet intents to provide): https://lwn.net/SubscriberLink/769334/3c29ababc6fcb445/




I moved the discussions about Storj releasing Version 3 to its own topic. You can find it here



Predictions: Google gets broken up a la Bell, Twitter transitions to something decentralized to protect First Amendment principals, and Facebook completely collapses through legal troubles and user exodus. Silicon Valley collapses, valuations collapse, unicorns return to Neverland.

EDIT: And Amazon fails to compete once the real cost of business is accounted for and forced upon them, i.e. USPS. Small businesses gain advantage and begin to eat away at the edges.


For SAFE / Solid Web developers:


Crust test v2 - just gone live!





Grand jury announcement of indictment on Chinese and Taiwanese intellectual property theft from Micron.


That was fast…


Ethereum city in the desert

Every resident and employee will have what amounts to an Ethereum address, which they will use to vote on local measures and store their personal data.

Mr. Berns believes Ethereum will give people a way to control their identity and online data without any governments or companies involved.


Except they are all in one place and so the government doesn’t have to go far if they want to enforce some ruling or find the ones not reporting their tax.


Well I don’t think tax evasion is the goal. They’re even set up in a tax opportunity zone so that crypto gains that’s used for local economic development like real estate projects can be had tax free (sounds like from the keynote anyway)

They had a keynote yesterday

Seems like they want to create some kind of tech incubator for AI, nanotechnology, 3d and blockchain technology and how it can work together.

I would think it could also be a place to show off how the SAFE network can be useful for IoT and the other things that they want to use blockchains for.


Haha! Surely Dan Larimer will be a good cellmate.



More violent than Stuxnet? Which is already the most sophisticated software according to this article.


Pretty damn impressive

Edit: I mean whoever thought they were “clever” by spamming the Safe Network in it’s infancy should look at this and wonder what they are doing in life.


I read a book on the stuxnet story. The whole story was fascinating. From how they first found it, tracked down what it did, and how they finally attributed it it’s source. Very impressive piece of software that blew 3-4 0-day exploits and some incrible math/encryption breaking algos just to get it done.


There was also this good documentary about it: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5446858/