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MaidSafe Dev Update - May 24, 2018



How did you make the countdown?


i think it generates a new gif everytime the image is loaded, it generate a code to paste

img src=“http://s.mmgo.io/t/-BW” alt=“motionmailapp.com” />

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The timing of this week’s update being a revealing of something great…is just so convenient…a coincidence one might say.


A riddle, wrapped in an enigma, shrouded with mystery then tightly encased in a sheath of tinfoil.


Why not, we’ll have much better comments this way, Without all the dumb 20 character posts!


Coincidence Analyst. :rofl:



But @JPL said ‘tinfoil’ not 'aluminiumfoil"


And aluminium has very different protective properties to aluminum.



Haha - nicely done! I don’t agree with your politics but I like your style.


i love weird al! …


Some damned bold words there. :sunglasses:

Someone is confident :wink:

I agree, but only because I am always asleep when the updates come out.


Love the wording here from our fearless leader :smiley: , many have called this venture the impossible network, and that this team is all smoke/mirrors/delays. I can’t wait for the day this network launches and quickly realizes its full potential. Like a phoenix from the ashes this project will claim a spot at the top of the crypto throne, Satoshi comes out of hiding to officially begin work on the SAFENetwork and Vitalik submits his resume to dirvine looking for a developer role in the new world :laughing: .


Sorry, not sorry.


What’s up today? Whoa.


I read this and had to copy and paste this. Helps anyone (even myself) relax a little more…

As everyone can hopefully plainly see by now, the groundwork is currently being laid for institutional money to finally enter the crypto market.
I’m not talking about big money individuals or private investors or the like; I’m talking about banks, large corporations/companies, and BIG funds (like pension funds and such).
You see, BIG money like that didn’t have a legitimate way to enter the market. Sure dark pools and buying OTC was possible, but these ways weren’t established enough for BIG institutional money to jump in yet.
Not only that, but BIG money needs to make sure the lifeguards (the SEC and other major govts) are going to let everyone swim and have fun for a bit.
And they will, as evidenced by all the big moves that are happening (Gemini’s exchange patent, Coinbase institutional investing, Kraken registering with the SEC, Goldman Sachs entering into crypto, yadda yadda yadda). These things wouldn’t be happening if those players didn’t already know what the lifeguards will say (and have already started hinting at).
So here’s what’s going to happen: BIG money is going to get in, the price is going to jump from that. The plebs will then FOMO in/back in causing the price to rise more. Then banks and more big funds are going to start offering the average joe the chance to invest in in crypto through them so they don’t have to use an app or manage any keys or worry about any of that “tech stuff” like storing keys and what not.
And that’s going to kick the price up even more.
You see gents, $8400 seems like a lot for one bitcoin, but in reality, when you factor in what is going to happen when BIG money pours in and sparks the next Bull Run, $8400 ain’t nothing.
Why do you think all these big names keep throwing out ridiculously high predictions for what bitcoin can reach? $50k, $100k, $1mil…
It’s not just because they want to create hype. It’s because if you know how to do the math, those numbers are not only completely realistic but likely.
Finally, you need to understand this: there won’t be any specific events or news or partnerships that spark the next bull run …The next bull run is going to happen when you least expect it, when everything is quiet, when everyone thinks nothing is going on…THAT is when you’ll see the price start to rise.
And you’ll be waiting for it to come down and correct, but it won’t…and before you know it, it’s going to take everyone by storm, the likes of which they would have never imagined. It’ll be one which comes out of nowhere and swallows up everyone’s bearish predictions and spits them out all mangled and chewed up. It’s coming…slowly but surely, there’s a good storm coming.


Gooood morning guys! :sunglasses: Are you ready?