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Illegal file-sharing: You can’t get away with blaming a family member, says top court


Bonkers… The courts should insist on more evidence, not less. There could have been a bot net using his computer as a node to distribute the software for all we/they know. Guilty until proven innocent - isn’t that what tyrannical states do?

It is high time IP law was shaken to its core.




For all those that moan about the pace here, I think it is becoming crystal clear how much is actually happening here… at pace I might add.
Perspective is coming in hot :joy:

The report, which is dedicated to what EY dubs the “The Class of 2017,” revisits the same projects the firm first analyzed back in Dec. 2017; the sample comprises over 141 “top” ICOs, representing 87 percent of total ICO funding that year.

One year later, EY’s statistics are stark: 86 percent of project tokens are reportedly currently trading below their listing price, with 30 percent having lost “substantially all value.” Overall, the report continues, “an investor purchasing a portfolio of The Class of 2017 ICOs on 1 January 2018 would most likely have lost 66% of their investment.”

Beyond investment returns, the auditor also analyzed the development of working products or prototypes, finding that at present, only 29 percent of studied projects had either – up just 15 percent from at the end of last year.

71 percent of projects have “no offering in the market at all.”



@Savage Looks like there’s a brand new highway with a lot of capacity for the upcoming institutional investors. What are others thoughts on price, institutions gathering positions for their platforms, and timeline?


Do VPNs Actually Protect Your Privacy?


Added this article from @JPL as the first one to my app. You can search for articles on https://www.cnews.at/archive for now there is only one :slight_smile: Note: You can search the articles without registration!


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Ver isn’t just a prophet, he is the messiah, no? Just a reminder: he’s on the board of PIA…

Here’s a fantastically snarky New Yorker article with fresh extra pomp on the side.




This is genius. They figured out to use talking about manipulation for manipulation. We get from “generate revenue” (where it should’ve stopped) to “steering us towards other stories rather than the stories we’re actually seeking” (which is b.s. because: money) in record time, and somehow it’s always those few red things gets pushed aside to give space for more blue things. We are shown what we like because that’s when we stick around.


Problem…or opportunity?


Another reason for SAFE faceless APP




Interesting podcast by @fergish interviewing @Jonas on the Semantic Web - plug for SAFE at 32:20 :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: TC 35, Open Source, Debian and FreedomBox is also well worth a listen.


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Interesting podcast by @fergish interviewing @Jonas on the Semantic Web - plug for SAFE at 32:20 :slightly_smiling_face:


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