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Yeah, i always thought of safe as the real cloud, not just your stuff running on someone elses servers.


Well tomorrow actually. SpaceX is sending 4 private citizens into space for 3 days

Inspiration4 is what they are naming it.

And raising money for a children’s charity in the process.

The broadcast starts approx 4 hours before takeoff (takeoff @ 00:02 UTC Thursday)

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Someone on hacker news mentioned that there’s a tool with some similar capabilities for rust called pernosco, maybe that could help find some of the tricky bugs in testnets?


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Decided it was time for my boat to be serviced by someone who knows what they are doing, and while at the boatyard was treated to a tour of the site by the owner.

It’s like a living museum, a hackspace on steroids, full of treasures such as Kelvin three cylinder engines, restored lifeboats (the owner has six on this tiny site) and a menagerie of projects on the go from servicing my narrowboat to a £2m conversion of a grain barge into a house boat for the Thames.

They have designed their own “mini ship”, a 36 footer being built when they have time, and here’s a video of their slightly smaller Tug Yacht 33:


Sounds like my kind of place I love getting a look round treasure troves like that.

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Some people are going to be really pissed if SNT happens, and chances are it will.


Risks like this are reduced by @MaidSafe’s design. For ex, clients do almost all the work (no trust needed) and network nodes only verify it’s ok and sign. Network nodes don’t write any data, they just sign if they agree it’s valid = tiny attack surface.


If passwordless login is enabled, users re-logging in to a Microsoft account will be asked to give their fingerprint, or other secure unlock, on their mobile phone.

Would you trust the Ukrainians to operate a nuclear power plant?
Their record is not good… Chernobyl

Just to stick it to them, I will be redoubling my efforts to ensure MAID works.

PS Thorium roolz ya bass

Chernobyl was Soviets fault, watch the Netflix tv show. They let a lot of people die so it would not harm the symbolic lie that communism is good.

Yes yes yes - the official truth by Netflix…

Grow up , you utter fool.

LoL! Keep reading your Sputnik news about pink unicorns running on rainbows, 100% true propaganda news.

I had little faith that we had the power to fight this slimy reporting rule snuck into the infrastructure bill but now that the banking lobby groups appose it too, we may stand a chance.

I’m with the banks on this one :rofl:.


Problem 1. The scale does not cause the loss he claims. The heat going in has to go somewhere and all the scale does is slow the time it takes the scale to heat up. But the energy through the coil still gets into the water, thus heating it. Hot water systems also do not boil the water, only inefficient water boilers, I say boilers since kettles etc cutoffs that end heating once boiling or only heat water to about 80-90 degrees (Boilers are rare). The boiling water is mostly in cooking, a fraction of the water heating that occurs

  1. The most efficient heating of water is solar directly (or Geo direct). Only load on the electricity grid is for a motor to move the water. Very small energy needed for the same heating.

  2. The most efficient heating using electricity is for a heat pump, like your A/C but in reverse.

  3. All his invention is saving some losses inherent in a coil heating system. Storage heat losses. Maybe 10% improvement over badly installed hot water systems.

The heat pump is about 2 to 3 times more efficient where his invention is small percentage more efficient.

This is a promotion of his product, and while it is better than a coil, it is still just increasing efficiency by a small percentage and not the 2 to 3 times as one gets from a heat pump, and a fraction of what solar (or geo) gets over even a heat pump.

BTW the huge clouds he shows coming from the towers is steam, those towers he shows are the water cooling towers and its steam. The chimney now has carbon scrubbers that remove a lot of the co2

EDIT: And why does it look more like electrolysis than heating. Two carbon plates in water will cause electrolysis. Is this a joke he is playing? At 1:27 you see the two plates separated in the water and then a second later you see the bubbles. Thats electrolysis and yes electrolysis also heats the water due to inefficiencies and the high rates of bubbles causes ultrasonic mist to come off, like a pond mister, but its not hot. This looks like a scam a pure scam, the promotion is scam like and the science he does say is not correct.

EDIT2: If you buy one of their units they say you need more power than existing usints

POWER REQUIREMENTS. Tankless electric water heaters for WHOLE HOME applications require more power than the existing 30 amp circuits for electric tanks. In many WHOLE HOME cases, the MODEL 3 will need to be installed at or close to maximum power at 100 amps and 240 V (24 kW). In northern climates or homes with high hot water demand, please reference sizing information as more than 1 MODEL 3 may be needed. Consult an electrician on available breakers in main electrical panel prior to installing.

Basically a instantaneous water heater.

UL rating is for water heaters where water is not in contact with humans. EG kettle. Water is in contact with the electricity and has the potential for going hot if one contact fails. Relies on the ground fault circuit breakers for protection.


Stumbled upon this today. Seems like it could be a promising way to get SQL on SAFE. Compiling SQLLite to webassembly and running it in the browser.