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The alternative is to go back to the original Olympic basics - ONLY have sports that can be done ENTIRELY NAKED - ie with no balls, wheels, horses or other junk.

So, that just leaves running, jumping swimming, diving and maybe wrestling and Judo - much more sensible . .

And if there is still concern about the nakedness, then ONLY NAKED spectators to be allowed in to the arenas . .


Mairead bringing huge pride to the people of Ireland there. The comments under her tweet are worth a scroll, I didn’t go all the way, but out of browsing 50 odd replies every one was railing her, and pointing out in different ways how silly the idea is.

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It’s a mixup that drives home the point that cryptocurrency regulation is too often being created by people who know next to nothing about the technology.

Show me the incentives and I will show you the outcome.”
These people don’t even got skin in the game (own crypto), so imho code is law (if you disagree :fork_and_knife: the disliked chain. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was a pretty dumb comment on her (McGuinness) part. Her tweet was seriously ratio’d in the comments.

Her “dumb comment” did have an impact on the market, but I guess it’s the price you pay for paying attention to it. Educating people on how to use self-custody wallets and dex’s, would be a big win.


worth repeating.

It seems they are only just beginning to understand what is money and what is not.

UK Lords: Economic Affairs Committee: Quantitative easing: a dangerous addiction? House of Lords - Quantitative easing: a dangerous addiction? - Economic Affairs Committee

interview style at UK's House Of Lords Is Concerned Over A Dangerous Addiction To QE | ZeroHedge

of course the UK is on the lite end of QE… globally it’s a problem the like of which sees only those who create the problems being the ones who can solve it.

They say power corrupts and people miss the point but it’s issues like QE that dismiss good intentions out of hand, relative to the basics of reality and math!

Change is coming and the solution is in large part allowing individuals freedom in order that we can flex as needed. Control freaks will create brittle environments that are liable to discontinuities… :thinking:


I thought real Scotsman could live on bru alone. You must be a fake but aren’t we all.


Mairead …her real issue is competition to the EUR and the business lost by her banking chums. She’ll be saying “Won’t someone thing of the children” next…

Yea, let’s think of the children… why wouldn’t we want our young to have access to money that…

  1. Has a limited supply and so keeps its value.
  2. Related to (2), isn’t at the mercy of government financial policy and having it’s purchasing power eroded away.
  3. doesnt need you to pay a banking fee or negative interest rate for the pleasure of a bank to use your childs money against them in a market.
  4. doesnt forbid them to spend their own earned and taxed money anywhere they wish

… and on and on and on…

Mairead bankers friends profits are at risk so they are working through that classic age old play book…

1. It’s used by criminals
2. Think of the children <----- This one next.


Hacked again…

What a shitcode




re: thorchain – they’d even had the code audited … just goes to show that there are no guarantees.


This technology could be used for great good or great evil … unfortunately great evil is easier. Eg. design of a super-prion and it’s antidote - this would be a biological super-nuke. A thimbleful could wipe out a nation.

Seriously worried that our tech is far outpacing the ethics/morality of the average human.

One of the solutions for the Fermi Paradox, is that sufficiently advanced species wipe themselves out.

Sorry to be so negative on this one - it is amazing for sure.

We marveled at our own magnificence as we gave birth to AI.
– Morpheus, The Matrix


With DBC’s it will become pretty clear to convert all your blockchain assets, add to that no transaction costs and SEX and we’ve probably achieved a more efficient information processing than all the CEX and DEX put together. :roll_eyes:


For anyone thinks that a code audit is 100%, I humbly forward people to the underhanded-c contest. For those familiar with C programming, it is astounding how clever these ‘bugs’ can be.

While most of these exploits are C-specific, there are also some patterns that can fool audits in more or less any language. Of course, once you add in distributed systems, contracts that depend on execution order, race conditions, and cryptography, the attack surface is huge, and the financial incentive is also huge. I think it’s actually miraculous that so few hacks have occurred, but as we build more complex crypto structures, they are inevitable.


Gives me Prometheus vibes!


TikTok is a privacy nightmare (just like almost every other mobile app these days):



ending up with a US$10 chip about 7 cm2 in size.

The “total amount of coins transferred on chain,” metric is equivalent to 70% of the United States Gross Domestic Product.

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You thought wrong, pal. But full marks for casual ignorant racism and stereotyping :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Brexit voter?