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Or link to a site that has the link to the copyright infringing material.

Or link to a site that links to a site that links to the copyright infringing material

Or … you get the idea.

This was the big debate in the Australian censorship legislation attempt. And lots of fun was made at the expense of the then Prime Minister and his (censorship) minister.

I guess that it could be the undoing of the Japan attempt. Or else they will just do the “direct link” since it is the world wide web where eventually every searchable site links to every other one via links to links to links to …


The “interrogation” went wrong? What, did the guy being “interrogated” accidentally choke on the cup of tea he was offered by the “interrogators”?


Any resources available of material written by the journalist throughout his career? He must have been writting some interesting reports.

Edit:. Another example of why we need a robust network where we can store data.



Let’s not forget that the US government, through its unrelenting support, is directly responsible for all atrocities Saudi Arabia’s rulers commit against their own citizens and humanity as a whole.


Pretty interesting that the preacher got released by Turkey within 24 hours of this “unrelated” issue. The US has been fighting for months to get that guy out of prison. Things are not as they seem. Smoke and mirrors. Khashoggi is definitely not a good guy in this story. Sounds like it might be related to 9/11.


Even if that’s true, the enemy of my enemy doesn’t become my friend. Saudi Arabia has been committing real shitty violations of human rights on a large scale and the US government has never wavered in its support of that government. It’s disgusting.


That link fits the profile the guy I know was working on.

I don’t understand your problem with their choice of assets to store. They are a business providing a service they believe there’s a demand for, not taking sides in this silly cryptocurrency debate lmao. Also, nothing will stop them from adding more assets later when they see there’s demand for them.


Drugs, arms, and child trafficking are also businesses in high demand assets.


There are things that are morally neutral (ethereum v.s. other altcoin) and there are things that are empathically not morally neutral, such as the examples you brought. I reserve the right to judge the latter while give no f*s about the former.


You’re correct. However, some of the smoke and mirrors may be the tide changing on US policy toward Saudi Arabia. It’s a big ship, it takes time to change direction. Plus, diplomacy is a sensitive game. For certain, a new approach is being implemented, so I’m going to let it play out a while longer.

EDIT: Most people don’t follow it closely enough or know enough to follow what’s really going on. I try to keep up more than most, but I include myself in the ignorant masses. That said, I recognize the media as an enemy also, so they last thing I’m going to do is allow them to get me riled up over their communofascit aims with sensationalist garbage.

I wholeheartedly disagree.



I realize this is a year old, but Wow! I didn’t know things were this bad Down Under.

See also:

or maybe just better listen to this:


Good clean fun. There is a good sense where this is going, so it’s not irrelevant, though that might not be clear to everyone yet. Anyway, it’s pretty funny.


The last one’s a classic we all love, don’t be too brutal there @Sascha :smile:


I was a bit shocked at the PM, so I figured I’d try lightening the mood. That is a great song.
(When I was a kid, all I listened to was AC/DC) :slight_smile:


The great thing is we turn them over like dirty underwear :wink:


That law is about to be introduced now.

Also they now want to ban (make illegal) political satire with a leading minister pretending in a senate enquiry that he and ordinary Australians cannot tell the difference between the Australian coat of arms and a satirical one with surveillance cameras instead of heads on the 2 icons.

So our politicians think they can legislate out the laws of mathematics and claim that Australians cannot tell the difference between a camera and a kangroo’s head.


Youtube is down https://bgr.com/2018/10/16/youtube-outage-down-for-me-everyone/
It seems that the world need a technology avoiding that such global platform can be totally down, … oh… wait :grin:


“Have you turned it off and back on again”