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There is still quite a lot of annoying small-print in this one. I still won’t be able to get parts for my espresso machine :anguished:


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I had managed to completely avoid wasting any time reading about this kind of thing for months now, but this discussion prompted me to go read a few things. Here’s another bogey-group, the socialists, with an interesting piece on this whole ‘now it’s normal to aggressively argue that it came from a Chinese lab’ thing.

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Fake news? Anyone else come across this?

Space battle of the billionaires… no Musk though.

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Tracking and tracing via app are becoming mandatory in Australia. Are those without phones going to be locked out of services?

The State grows ever more powerful in Oz.

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You should probably cross reference with sources you have a high degree of trust in.
How do did you find that news, random thing that pops up in some feed?
Is NextBigFuture.com a well known site?

I get a feeling lately that people click on anything that pops up in different feeds, making them easy target for groups or people who want to manipulate large herds of sheeps, talking about a general feeling and not related to you.

Interesting - Chinese city rolling out digital currency that can be restricted to certain uses.

Scotcoin could do that years ago - though I doubt with the sophistication they will have in Chengdu.

It’s not the could do that matters, it’s the backing of law; government; and weapons of war, that make the difference between an idea and a reality… same as for fiat. Utility can only act for mainstream where the Government does recognise their value. Still to be proven that any distributed offering can work beyond that.

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Who might that be? :clown_face:

That depends on how sensitive subjects, if you try and cross reference something about Trump you may need to exclude 99% of media as none trust worthy, if less sensitive subjects like someones death then you can use most of the well known media of choice, BBC, Reuters, NBC, CNN, Spiegel or other similar.

When you watch the world expect “Nothing is true, everything is permitted”. In todays world there are too many people/groups with agendas, hidden or sinister, often covered by nice sounding words.

“Hey! It goes beyond big brother in the sky
Beyond the threat of martial law no Horus eye
No one came to cuff you they just handed you the chains
Blind follows the blind and now the one-eyed man is king”

“No form of payment, no pot of gold will satisfy the debt of what he’s owed
Spilling from the houses in a trance the children lined up on the road
Cursing at the piper as he lured your kids away
And led them to the river for what was their final day
No need for convincing on his pipe he played a song to fool them all
Fooled them all”

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Kinda the point of a centralized digital currency IMO - to terminate gray & black markets and to control the population at a fine level.

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Julian Assange - the journalist who has been convicted of a bail violation, charged with nothing else, who is being gagged and condemned to legal limbo and tortured in England at the behest of the US with the support of Sweden, Australia, and others - turns fifty today.

Last week a story broke in Iceland about how one of the main witnesses in the US case has now admitted that he made up many of his allegations after being taken under the wing of US authorities and paid off at the time.

This is a legitimate news story, and the response from big media has been silence.

Again, this is ten years of arbitrarily detaining a journalist in violation of UN rulings that he had to be released and compensated, the last three of which has been in a prison normally reserved for terrorists and murderers.


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reported on RT a couple of weeks ago. I refrained from posting cos I promised @Sascha I would try to rely on other news sources. - seems the very sight of the word “Russia” triggers a few ;->

But that shit aside - is this a record from prediction to experimental confirmation? Einstein had to wait a while for some of his predictions too…


But I thought Hawkings also showed hawking radiation would eventually evaporate a black hole.

Interesting if the area of the event horizon never decreases then the black hole must remain. So did Hawkings get one wrong then?

EDIT: I read it and its a shame the people do not understand what Hawking was saying in 1971 and what Hawking radiation is about. Shame really. Basically if you add mass to a black hole its surface area will not decrease ever is what Hawkings was saying in 1971, thus obey the laws we know. And the results of 2 colliding black holes showed that the surface area combined was not larger than the surface area of the new formed black hole after the collision.

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