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Here you go @JimCollinson
This is a TLDR summation.


A nice TLDR indeed!

I think we all probably had a hunch that there would be a doubling down. But it’s nice to have all the mechanics of it laid out.

It makes the crypto space’s Ponzi like tendencies look like a playground game, doesn’t it?

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Sure does. I suspect there could be another black swan in crypto, at least potentially. The sad thing is it will be justified by the legacy system crash and the law will allow for and actually protect further consolidation of power. I don’t doubt it will correct pretty swiftly but it will benefit those prepared for this the most.

Keep some dry powder everyone.

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Haha. People in the comments are so conflicted.


I wasn’t expecting anyone to follow El Salvador until things have played out somewhat, but who knows…


Lockdowns are for the little people. Political leaders everywhere ignored them. Why are the people telling us to be terrified of a virus not in the slightest bit bothered and how has this cockroach still got his job?


Dominics reveal of Matts incompetence wasn’t enough to remove him.

So, what ever machine is behind this , it falls back on to character assassination .

His political days are numbered.

… should I remove my tin foil hat?

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Pull it down over your eyes so you can’t see the video.


unclassified report from the USA concerning UFO’s:

A bill has been proposed in Paraguay for BTC as well.


I’m not thrilled at all with this news

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You WILL buy/rent our new software - whether you want to or not.


Apparently it will be a free upgrade, but looks like they’re certainly trying to force it.

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Another reason to adopt Linux as the O/S


Cross-posting this thread from a while back to say - I stand by my claim there that being extra sceptical of projects which aren’t free(dom) software is a relatively painless and safe bet.

I am more aware now of the unpopularity of this idea than at the time of the thread, but open-source-washing is real and it is insidious, and I find this a good example. Being a free software project is only a small step towards respecting your customers and making secure software, but it is a small step nonetheless.


This is capitalism for you…
Tell me again about socialism breaching human rights and being a failure?


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crony capitalism.

I feel for them, but I’d bet if your boss told you that, I doubt you would comply, I certainly wouldn’t, I’m far from violent, but freedom deserves to be fought for.

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