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To be honest, I’m a bit of a square. I know it. Oftentimes I don’t get jokes and I don’t really understand the art of trolling. Maybe the man is just a brilliant troll or attention seeker. But that’s beyond me.


He is probably both a troll and an idiot (in his crypto attacks): these 2 aren’t mutually exclusive :wink:


Logical. That I like.


When I was about sixteen, it hit me that politicians publicly say what they believe their electorate wants to hear and agrees with. I still agree with a whole lot of what hit me when I was about sixteen.

So I think the man is not an idiot. He’s just a politician. He hopes to satisfy the people who know zilch about crypto but hate it enough to enjoy politicians hating on it publicly. Basically, he does his job.




We call them “Shock Jocks” here.

They deliberately say outrageous things in order to get responses which both bolsters their ego (fragile egos) and lines their pocket with plenty (lots and lots) of money.


aka Dr Doom, his claim to fame and recognition by some is for prophesying the 2008 financial crisis.

Hence Vitaliks tweet a few days prior to Roubini’s testimony before the senate.

The problem is, this nonsense he spews is being listened to by some clueless people in government.


“Ideology of crypto is right wing white suptremacist” - Nouriel Roubini

I’ve found some of the “white supremacist” conspirators he’s talking about. :wink:

Oh no … i think their conspiring to trust maths. :joy:


This is the type of stuff that catalyzes massive disruption. A bit light on the gory details, but they’re unnecessary. I only disagree with respect to Amazon. They actually have one of the biggest targets on their backs. Tesla is still an enigma to me, but whatever happens, people will be running to distributed consensus solutions very soon. TBL’s announcement is well-timed.


I didn’t know that word, so thanks. We certainly have our fair share of idiots and liars here too, but I guess everything is just bigger in America. Many people love sports in Finland, so we have a bunch of ex-skiers and ex-body builders and the like in the parliament and even in government now. Some are even creationists and general science deniers, which is actually very rare in Europe, but they make decisions affecting everybody all the same. I reckon the whole world is going to hell, so screw it.

Gone fishing.


Microsoft Is Pushing New Blockchain ID Products (But There’s Pushback, Too)


I find a certain zen from ignoring the mouth frothing media pundits. They are like circus showmen, trying to drum up excitement for a reality which is far less interesting or unique.

Let them bang their drums and spout their nonsense. Let their politicians scribble new daft laws. They are not worth getting stressed over, especially when they are almost impossible to influence. In time, decentralization will make much of their nonsense irrelevant.


Novogratz doesn’t know about TBL’s SOLID/Inrupt. Moreover, he railroads Raoul and pushes blockchain to co-opt Web 3.0. Maybe SAFE is just Web 4.0. But look at his blue lizard tongue!!! Must be that blue raspberry KOOL-AID over at Ethereum…


Not Tether. 20 chars…



I guess linking to links will still be legal. Otherwise at least Bing and Google search are in trouble. Or maybe they have built their search engines “unknowingly”.


What about tiny URLs?


Kind of a big deal…


I know a guy who worked on that project actually. The thing he was working on was about storing customer funds securely, going beyond the “paper wallet hidden under the pillow” model to where it would require an organized hacker group with armed ground forces deployed at multiple locations (etc) to steal the coins.


That’s interesting stuff. Fidelity isn’t messing around. Though, I’m a bit disappointed in the Ethereum choice. Seems like there are just a lot of bag holders that want a way out. Ethereum should die a short, quick death and soon…before it causes serious damage in a public market at even higher levels.