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Scotland and El Salvador. :thinking:


Well I cant argue with the fact that the bourgeois elite of Little Surbiton-on-Forth have a lot to answer for. Not least of which is so many of them claim to be Scottish but act and think as if they were English.
Sadly Bonnie Prince Bob was shown up to be simply a middle-class wanker himself whose main aim was self-publicity and a plea for himself to get his shot at the trough of public funding for “the arts”.

Seems a lot of his funding for that video came from some rather unclued Tory sources whose main aim was to defeat Angus Robertson and thus embarass the SNP. Said funders wee unaware that Roberson was actually the Brit-approved candidate all along.
I have no quibble with those wanting to see the downfall of Robertson and the present SNP hierarchy as they are obviously bought and sold. NATO apologist Robertson is no friend of the Scots working class, However Im not going to support an all talk and no-action whiny little failed Neil Oliver lookalike to get his own little fully-funded “arts centre” down in Leith.
If you really want to support indigenous working class culture then go buy Colin Burnett’s book.

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Brief mention of @maidsafe just after 37min mark.
Still good to had the name heard.


Do you think that projects like Ethereum or Cardano may have problems in the near future? I see Cardano quite decentralized right now …

35:00 mins to be precise


No comment.


Suicide a la Epstein?

I wonder how long the guards on duty will wait before retiring?


My thoughts exactly southside :thinking:

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Spain has approved his extradition to the US, it seems…
Rest in peace.


One of his last tweet:

The US believes I have hidden crypto. I wish I did but it has dissolved through the many hands of Team McAfee (your belief is not required), and my remaining assets are all seized. My friends evaporated through fear of association.

I have nothing.

Yet, I regret nothing.


SN is going to need a it’s own search engine built into SafeBrowser too I reckon … last thing we want is for Google to build out search engine for SN.


Bamboo Garden Fund?


Are you saying that the suicide is perhaps fake and he is back on a yacht somewhere?

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I wouldn’t be surprised.

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No - the FBI killed him and paid off the guards

A worthy read.


Better quality research and reporting on the issue than the generally accepted media.
These guys play around and call themselves Apes, ook ook, with smooth brains, and stick bananas
in unimaginable places…

…but that subreddit is full of some of the greatest minds today.
Which is probably really really really upsetting a few ‘masters of the universe’.

I’ve pointed people in that direction and asked them to read and consider buying at least 1 share if they find anything worth while in the DD.

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I really could do with this in YouTube/podcast/audiobook form!

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