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I believe it can. Data is chucked, so different data may share the same chunks.

It is more about where the data is stored. On safe network, the chunk hashes dictate which section they will belong to on the network. The nodes associated with that section then take ownership of the data and supply it on request.

On IPFS, as far as I gather this is completely different. The hash of the chunk doesn’t dictate where it will be stored. Data exists initially on the node it is uploaded to. It may be pinned by others on an adhoc way. Caching is then used to push popular data around the network.

So, on safe network, if the cache doesn’t contain the chunk, it is easy to find the section responsible for it and request it. On ipfs, I gather nodes have to be asked if they have a copy and a network search commences until it is found (or not found, as no perpetual guarantee). I was trying to dig deeper into this the other week, but this is as far as I got. It sounded pretty rudimentary compared to how safe network handles this.


May be of interest.

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A blog post I did on minds.com today.


“It’s the first consensus change since Segwit activated in august 2017. It extends Bitcoin’s script capabilities in ways that make certain things cheaper (especially more complex applications like multisig and layer 2 things), and somewhat more private by often hiding what the exact spending rules were.”


Any of you people with more internet years put in than I can maybe help here: has there ever been a badge, or some sort of system, for a site to prove/claim that the article or video or whatever is not an advertisement, that money hasn’t changed hands? Maybe back in the glory days of personal web sites before the revolution of Web 2.0 crushed them?

Plenty of things are annoying about the slimenet and how it works, but one of the worst is these fake articles, fake tutorials, fake top ten lists, etc, which are just endorsements and advertisements.

I don’t know if it’s a hard or easy problem, or if the solution would be technical or social.

In any case, I look forward to displaying some sort of a badge at least for sites, to proclaim proudly.

“This is not advertising, and anyone who pretends to like something and is secretly getting money for that without saying should be booed off the stage”. Or something to that effect.

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Analysis and current news on the movement of miners out of China

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A major problem seems to be that it is written by an anarchist, an anarchist calling other people idiots is like throwing rocks inside a glass house, similar to if “flat earth” people would write something similar. There is no way to reach credibility when such poor intelectual thinking power is in play.

If you are anything like Anglo-Saxon, German, Russian, etc. you are a decendant of those you call for “brainless idiots”. Racism was science in the western world up to 1960s!

You aren’t actually debating my points in the article. Feel free to DM me with your points if you don’t want a public discussion. Or create a new thread.

From reading the blog post I feel a general problem that also relates to other subjects you write about or post about, money, enviromental, vaccine and similar. It seems very shallow, you only make basic general assumptions, you don’t seem to know the subject very well or interested in it. You write something that sounds nice but lacks foundation and backing and logical reasoning to how you reached conclusions and subjective opinions.

So Ecosia reported 20-30 million dollars in revenue year on and year and already planted 120 million trees, which is great yet it’s pretty messed up for Microsoft to basically charge a carbon capture tax. 73,000 euros may seem small but that number will keep growing.

Bug in CMC BTC and ETH dominance, Tether price :


Haha saw that earlier and did a triple take.

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