What’s up today?

Depends on the individual. God bless these people either way.

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“Please do not mess with our pensions as a smack in the puss may offend” en francais

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If your in the UK and don’t want your medical data up for sale, this is worth a look. Pretty simple to stop it happening by withdrawing consent.



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Today i have mostly been doing

safe node run-baby-fleming
safe keys create --test-coins --for-cli

“Oh wait - there’s a new one…”

safe node update

Rinse and repeat

Keep at it, folks, nearly there.

Iteration on steroids…

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The race for the new internet.

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Seems like another US puppet has had her arse handed to her. Cant be long before Bolsonaro is deposed either. Its all going tits-up for the US in what it regards as its backyard.


I don’t know how this can be considered much more than advertorial when safe network and/or maidsafe aren’t even mentioned.

Publishers have had long enough to hear about it and professional journalist wouldn’t ignore it.

Filecoin isn’t even web either. It is just file storage. I can forgive safe network not always being mentioned for file storage, as it is much, much, more. However, it is the very essence of web 3 and beyond.

Someone is either not doing their job properly or have been paid to write about these projects.


Because this artice is advertisement.


They must be mixed up with IPFS? Though Filecoin and IPFS are basically synonymous and IPFS is trying to be the new web. They already had the Merle root global file system thing figured out, not all bad but also no emphasis on security, privacy, etc and abstracting those and file storage so far inferior to me regardless.


Will Iran be the next domino in the legal tender arena?

I suspect not and that this is just movement to allow people to use it, not make it legal tender, but we shall see.

IPFS doesn’t have any dynamic data either afaik. It is pure immutable data (edit: but not necessarily perpetual). Making a dynamic/interactive website on top of that isn’t really possible. Static sites, sure, but hardly the basis for Web 3.0.

Ofc, ipfs is geared up for anyone to upload static content, which is great. Filecoin doesn’t even do that, unless you setup payments and so forth, afaik.

Filecoin, sia, storj and Co all seem to be about providing back end storage, much like AWS S3 provides. It’s progress of sorts, but it doesn’t go nearly far enough, imo. Obviously, they can use web gateways, but that is a centralising force which requires servers again.

Safe Network is positioned as the primary candidate for delivering on a distributed network, worthy of a web 3.0 label. However, that would undersell everything else it does too! :wink:


Not sure how anonymous data on IPFS is either - I suspect data can be tracked to hosting ip-addresses.

Yes, it isn’t designed with full privacy in mind. I understand you can identify who is hosting what and who is accessing it.

The routing mechanisms are very different to safe network, from what I have read. Data is distributed across the network essentially through caching alone. Data hashes aren’t used to place data in an organised way, then managed by the network. Instead, it seems to be relatively adhoc, with hosts pinning what the want, with network searches required to locate these copies.

While ipfs looks similar at a high level, many different design decisions we’re made, with rather different goals. It is much simpler, less capable and less private. It is great that we have it, but safe network is a huge step forward, imo.


The kind of do. They have IPNS which points to a content hash, so I think the idea for dynamic data was to update the IPNS pointer as needed.


I’m glad NRS doesn’t sound like iPenis


Thanks, so a bit like what you can do with NRS and how IMIM blog works? You could use that to update content at the same location, but you couldn’t add user comments/posts for example. I can’t imagine how, say, a forum like this or an ecommerce site could work, etc.

So no deduplication possible either I suppose.