What’s up today?

Sorry, once again the fluency of the non-native English speakers here fooled me into thinking you would be as fluent with the slang as the “correct” English.

GTF == Get To F***

Feeling pleasure on being infuriated would be a terribly self-destructive and negative thing to do.

The only stupid question is the one you did not ask.

Indeed it would, so maybe you could take the gesture as me analysing you, with the aim being to point that out.

But instead you’re being defensive and obnoxious, why do I try.

OK Apologies - generally not in a good mood today at all. Son#2 has just tested positive for COVID, and we are 200 miles away and now cannot go home until he recovers.
I feel great rage at the UK Govt for its botched handling of the pandemic and much animosity towards the Scottish Govt for being spineless wimps and not closing Scotlands borders.
And I am very worried about my son. Although he is 22 and in pretty good healt, he had asthma as a child and its things like tha tthat make a difference. Also the Indian variant is hitting the young folk harder.
So Im worried and in a bad mood and you got the rough edge. My apologies


No worries, I knew it could go either of two ways.
I’m generally out with good intent, sometimes hide it well, but thats all part of the game of life.

Hope your son recovers soon, I know all about ashma suffering myself.

Hope you have a better tomorrow.


Thank you. I have noticed that you do indeed generally post with good intent.
The upside is I now get to spend an extended period with my mother who is now very frail. The downside is I need to keep answering the same questions from her over and over again cos her memory is failing. Shes 91, so its no surprise.
Tomorrow will be a better day, I have booked a wheelchair with huge balloon tyres from a local charity so we can take her down onto the beach.She lives less than a mile from one of Scotlands best beaches but has not been on it for nearly 5 years now cos I cant push her chair through the fine sand. So we are hoping for sun and not too much sand blown into the picnic :slight_smile:


Today was a much better day :slight_smile:


WebAssembly runtime written in Rust, now out in version 2.0


Interesting way to determine the origin of encryption backdoors, in this case in mobile GPRS:


ReasonTV’s Nick Gillespie interviews U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis about Bitcoin
[ ~20min ] Jun 17, 2021


Privacy. Security. Freedom


That’s a smart move by the scammers. I bet they will catch a good few people out. It’s a shame their intellect is being used for theft instead of something more productive.


This is a major headache for Ledger - one way or another there will be severe reputational damage for Ledger and possibly hardware wallets in general unless some very smart and effective messaging comes from the company very quickly.


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Come now. If you receive a free unsolicited hardware wallet in the mail and scam is not your first thought, I suspect the biggest problem is not losing your crypto as you have already lost your mind.


Willie said he was away but I wasn’t expecting this. I’ll now be away from twitter recuperating…


They’re not going to make it easy for El Salvador!


Oh Willie, not again :man_facepalming:


A strategically placed tartan blanket…


Nice of the english polis to let him keep the bunnet though…

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