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DoH (DNS over HTTPS), lol.


It is because of their Azure platform, they need linux servers and linux users.

Indeed: Linux now dominates Azure

Anyway, according this nuanced Article Microsoft joining the OIN is a step forward.


Now we just have to wait for linux to spread to all other consumer devices and squeeze out closed source for good at the OS level.


It seems like big banks are interested in privacy coins too:

“Why America’s Biggest Bank Digs Anonymous Cryptocurrency” https://medium.com/mit-technology-review/why-americas-biggest-bank-digs-anonymous-cryptocurrency-3d05ed9e7ffa

Edit: I just realised this article is nearly a year old! Not sure why medium recommended it to me! Ha!


It is the big ones who do money laundering on a industrial scale that has the most to gain! :joy:


With recent Bitfinex and USD tether news/fud, if anyone wants to understand a little more of why there maybe problems, here is some food for thoughts.

Bitfinex’ed highlights:




That is some sobering reading. I never trusted Tether myself, but I didn’t realise there was so much dirt dug up on it already.



What a plank, his profile pic looks like it is from 20 years ago :joy:


I don’t really follow American politics. Is this guy really this dumb, or is he paid to write this junk?


In 2014 he said this … He is not very smart:


The child of Iranian Jews, he was born in Turkey and grew up in Italy.

That may shed some light on his tweet.

I don’t know much of the man to be honest but my impression is that his pockets are greased.
That’s just my opinion.


One would think that kind of diverse cultural and linguistic background would give some perspective. Apparently not. It sure feels like somebody is paying him. I’m not sure anybody can be that stupid for real. Then again, if he’s paid to spread fud, one would think the fud should at least make sense. I don’t know.


Tether is basically how Bitfinex funded the bitcoin pump late last year.

As for that Roubini guy, who the f*** is he again? He sounds like the left’s answer to Alex Jones lmao.


I don’t see much similarities between ‘libertarian decentralization’ and ‘Fascist at core’. That’s a lack of cohesion in his logic to me.
ps: Economist Nouriel Roubini Accidentally Tweets Booty Call. A knob indeed…


They actually believe Doritos and Mountain Dew enables them to say shit that means the opposite or has no real meaningful correlation directly.

Sadly, it’s working.


Thank you. I find this enlightening. It seems like the guy really is dumb as a doorknob and not just being paid. I personally don’t like the short Twitter format. It’s difficult to say anything meaningful using just a few letters. But for identifying idiots in politics Twitter is pretty good. How the devil did he make professor, though?? And having grown up in Italy he still doesn’t know what fascism is? WTF


I also don’t know much about the guy. I see he is exaggerating and narrow-minded with his crypto currencies ideas. The knob part was more a word play on the fact he seems to be a pleasure seeker, but is not that relevant here I think. Except that he needed to delete a tweet at least once of course.


I think any rational person seeks pleasure. But that “fascist libertarian” tweet was pure covfefe. Putting your booty calls on twitter is just really, really careless. If you say 2+2=5, you’re not “exaggerating”. You’re just plain wrong and should know better provided you had the chance to get at least some sort of basic education.


I meant ‘pleasure seeker’ as in ladies’ man. In one of his follow up tweets he ‘explains’ the fascist part:

Yes many white supremacists are paranoid about any government & central authority (ie they are libertarian) while being racist, anti-semite, Nazi & fascist at the same time. Crypto has been able to combine libertarian zelaotry with fascist racist ideologies. Most are white kids

He’s probably trying to self promote by trolling etc (I tried to be mild on him by saying exaggerating) like explained here.


I see nothing wrong with seeking pleasure from ladies.

But that’s just gibberish, if you ask me. bläjiluirlblubblub