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SAFE - empowering phone-stealers everywhere :joy:


The border routine will soon be: uninstall SAFENetwork client, cross boarder, reinstall SAFENetwork client, login using your ‘other’ password.


Too much work, every tablet, mobile and desktop comes with an “calculator” let’s turn the SAFE Network client into that. So that you can only access the SAFE Network client if you did the right math on the calculator. Maybe this will drive the point home that we’re solving other math problems (wealth distribution, privacy, security…).

SAFE Network Dev Update - October 11, 2018

Amazing :fire:



Fix it with the SAFE Network :wink:





Source: coin telegraph

Earlier today, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin “officially” predicted that a financial crisis will take place “sometime between now and 2021” on Twitter. The industry disruptor clarified that his prediction was coming “not because” he had some “special knowledge,” but just to have a small chance to be later recognized as a “a guru who predicted the last financial crisis”.

The tweet by Buterin was subsequently criiticized by Nouriel Roubini aka “Dr. Doom,” who predicted the 2008 financial crisis. The anti-crypto economist said that Buterin has been “promising Proof-of-Stake (PoS) since 2013,” while the world is “still waiting for a system that is scalable, decentralized and secure »

For once in my life I am siding with Roubini here.


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Microsoft joining the OIN is interesting. Are there any lawyers here?
Does MS figure “their” tech is worthless anyway? Are the patents expiring? Is Wine getting good enough to be a threat? What does this mean for the .doc(x) format?

I’m sure MS is trying to get some goodwill in return. (They’re not getting any from me. I’m not the forgiving type.) But what else are they getting. Access to Linux patents? I’m not even sure what OIN is really all about. What is “Linux-related software” as mentioned here?

Does MS want to embrace more than just the kernel? Are they after all of GNU/Linux?


Major crypto exchange Bitfinex has temporarily suspended all fiat wire deposits for the Euro, U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen and Pound Sterling. This is according to several [reports]


An official synonym to knob needs to be Roubini.
I’m dumbfounded by this guy.


Take note of Dr. Owl’s profile picture:



A few things about that. Firstly, companies change over time. I’m not saying Microsoft has become altruistic for the sake of outstanding ethical values, but maybe its leadership concluded acting as such is in the company’s best interest under the current circumstances. Yes, that’s what CEOs et al. are paid to care about: getting the most out of things for the company. Does that mean what they are doing is bad? How so?

Secondly, companies don’t exist in an objective sense. They are just a bunch of people trying to get by. Holding a grudge against Microsoft because you disagreed with how a certain group of people were directing it some time ago is cool but may also be ever so slightly irrational.

Microsoft may have held some patents that could be argued Linux was using. The step they just took means they have now explicitly renounced enforcing any rights over those patents. As far as I understand.


I’m not sure about “cool” but you are absolutely right. My grudge isn’t rational. I would perhaps call it arational. How I feel is also completely irrelevant to Microsoft’s finances and patents. That is why I put that little joke of a comment in parentheses.

But I still feel the rest of my post above contains some interesting questions that were inspired by the article linked to by @DarkHorse . Those are the ones ending in question marks - not the stuff in parentheses. At least I would be happy if somebody who understands both software and patent law could answer these questions. I personally am neither a developer nor a lawyer. Anybody?


I read the main thing about it is that people/companies can use Linux without worrying about getting sued, at least on the grounds of those patents.


Microsoft was earning at least $2 billions every year on Android-related patent royalties. They drop this income now. It is because of their Azure platform, they need linux servers and linux users. Azure is earning more than 10x than their patents. They just droped small part of income to earn more somewhere else.